Jurgen Klopp on Unai Emery: He finds a solution for every situation

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Jurgen Klopp on Unai Emery: He finds a solution for every situation

Villareal is a real miracle this season. If we had to look for the biggest surprise of this year's Champions League season, then it would certainly be Villareal. Unai Emery does a great job at Villareal and Emery seems to know best how to work with ‘smaller’ clubs, even though Villareal is far from a small club.

Jurgen Klopp will have to be careful before tonight's duel because he is waiting for a team that was underestimated by both Juventus and Bayern, and Klopp does not want to do the same as them. Klopp showed respect for this team.

"Of course we spent a lot of time analyzing Villarreal. I used to feel great respect for Emery and Villarreal, but only now do I see them in the right light and I can only say ... Wow! Impressive," Jurgen Klopp told a news conference.

Emery is known as a man who has won many trophies, especially the Europa League trophy, where he defeated Klopp and his team in one final. This is an ideal chance for Klopp to take revenge on Emery "I haven't thought about that final for a long time.

I remember saying that we would come back stronger and I think we succeeded in that. It was a very complicated and difficult season. That final was 64 games for us this season. It can't be compared to this today ... Emery is obsessed with the smallest details.

He has different pressing mechanisms and ways to react to different situations. He is a world-class coach and does an amazing job. "

Klopp on Villareal

Klopp does not want to 'cheat' himself and the team and relax before this duel.

He is aware that players must give their maximum if they want to defeat an opponent. "Perhaps their small advantage was that Juventus and Bayern underestimated them because they were seventh in the league. But that will not be the case with us.

We got that trump card out of their hands. After Bayern, they played with Bilbao, changed the entire first team and managed to play a draw! The Spanish league is very difficult, but Unai Emery finds a solution for every situation.

" The first match is played at Anfield, maybe it will be a good opportunity to gain enough advantage for the rematch. "This is a duel with two games. Whatever the result tomorrow, we know that there will be an incredible atmosphere in the return match. There will be moments when we will suffer and then we must not get nervous. "