Carlo Ancelotti: This is a defeat that keeps us alive

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Carlo Ancelotti: This is a defeat that keeps us alive

Real Madrid played a desperate game against Manchester City, and yet they managed to score 3 goals, and lost 4: 3. This is a result that is very good for them, considering how much more dominant and better Manchester City was.

Benzema had his night again and scored 2 goals, while Vinicius Jr. once again showed what a talent he is and scored a great goal. Carlo Ancelotti answered the question of the journalists whether this is the defeat that hints at something good: "No.

Definitely not. This is a defeat that keeps us alive before the second game at home. We have quality, we can make trouble for them in the return match." Real Madrid had many mistakes, City showed great superiority. "We started very badly, too softly.

We conceded two goals. Only then did we show the capacity to react. We were in the game until the end, we fought, we competed, but we have to defend better. We were good with the ball, but not without it. We will have to do much better in the return match.

If we succeed in that, if we defend ourselves better, then we can make it to the finals ".

Real Madrid comeback

Real Madrid, as many times before, managed to return to the match and not give up. Maybe it will help them get to the finals.

"We have players in the team with a lot of games like this in their legs. Guys don't lose their head when it's hard. That's perhaps the main characteristic of this team - we never give up." "We lost a lot of duels, it didn't look good.

With a little more attention we could have avoided those first two goals. We didn't and that's how we got into trouble. The truth is, I was a little frustrated with the situation." Karim Benzema has still shown his class, and is the main player of Real Madrid all season.

"Karim is great as always. He was brave enough to shoot a penalty in a risky way. Modric is also great. I didn't change him because he was bad, of course. We needed a fresh player to be able to hold the ball longer. Ceballos did a good job.

". Alaba and Casemiro are under question "Casemiro will surely be ready for the rematch. We will see about Alaba. I took him out as a precaution, he felt a certain discomfort. I hope that he will be able to play in seven days." Ancelotti does not give up until the very end.

"City has the advantage, but it is not a big advantage. Be ready. We will fight, we want another magical night at our stadium," Ancelotti underlined.