Pep Guardiola is brutally honest about Real Madrid

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Pep Guardiola is brutally honest about Real Madrid

The match between Manchester City and Real Madrid should be a real spectacle. Many expect the best match of the Champions League, and they have different opinions about the favorites. Some believe that City is a big favorite and that Real Madrid has had a lot of luck in previous matches.

Pep Guardiola denied such rumors. "Real is not lucky at all. Everything is a consequence of quality. I like a lot in the game of Madrid, I have always liked their team. Since my playing days, a lot of things have been done meaningfully", Guardiola said in selected words before the match at the Etihad.

Manchester City has another chance to find themselves in the Champions League final. "The fact is that Real was often in this phase of the competition. I have always said that it is difficult to reach the semifinals of the Champions League for two years in a row, and they succeeded.

Many great teams did not come here, one day we will not be here either, which means that the Champions League is demanding and you have to be precise. That's why I told the players to enjoy this moment, from training to the game, because we don't know if we will be in a similar situation again.

Enjoy and be what you always have been, whether it's good or bad. "

Guardiola on the history

Guardiola also mentioned the history of both clubs. "If we are going to compete with the history, then we have no chance because Real is better.

The results of the past speak for themselves. That is why we are not looking back, but how to beat the current team of Madrid. To try, we suffer if necessary, but we remain united. Until ten years ago, Manchester City was never in this position, now we have the opportunity to reach the final for two years in a row."

The fans are very optimistic and want Manchester City to finally win the title. "Of course, we and the fans want more every time. I know how City is experienced, that we have to win all the games, to play fantastic, to score four to five goals each time.

It's not realistic! It was difficult for any team to do that. If they had told us before the start of the season that we would play in the semifinals of the Champions League, I would have agreed immediately. Our rivals were PSG and Leipzig in the group, it is never easy to play against them.

I was happy every time we won the group. For example, if we do not reach the finals, I will certainly not say that it is bad. Because I respect both my players and Real's."