Max Allegri: I don't want to commit football suicide

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Max Allegri: I don't want to commit football suicide

Juventus are already far from competing for the title for the second season, and it seems that the end of their era, which really lasted a long time, has come. There are still a lot of talents in the team, good players, and we can't say that Juventus is a bad team, but it seems that they are far from Inter in terms of quality at the moment.

However, in the match against Sassuolo, they managed to achieve a 1: 2 victory, although it was not easy at all. Max Allegri had something to say after the game. He was not happy with his team's game and believes they have a lot to fix.

"We achieved an important and difficult victory against Sassuolo, who played a great game. We were weak in the first half, we entered nonchalantly, but we were much better in the continuation. I was angry because of the way we lost some balls in the final.

We had to to be better on defense, that's what young players need to understand," Allegri said. Allegri believes that there is still a lot of work ahead of them and that they must win if they want to achieve their goals. "Half a minute before the end of the game, you have to chase, attack, not stand behind the ball.

This victory was important to us because we made a good step towards the goal, and that is to keep the fourth place. Also, we came to Napoli only one point behind. We are four rounds away from the end of the season and we have to win.

Nothing else counts. People have to understand the moment we are going through. We cannot try something that is not in our power at the moment, we have to focus on what we can achieve ".

Fiorentina and talents

Juventus managed to qualify for the cup final after the victory over Fiorentina, and several players had to rest, while some others were injured.

"Quadrado, Locatelli, Arthur, McKenie and Chiesa were out of competition due to injuries. I did what I could, but I didn't want to commit football suicide. It wasn't easy to break through the defensive wall of the rival, so at one point we tried to threaten them on the flank ".

He also spoke about young talents: Dusan Vlahovica and Moise Kean. "The reservists did well in the sequel. Dusan is young, has little experience, and he has set high goals. He has to stay calm, find balance. I talk to him a lot, he has to stay calm and find balance.

He will do it through games and maturing. Due to his excessive desire, he sometimes misses the ball. Everything he goes through is normal for a 22-year-old boy, "said Allegri, who then pointed out that he was satisfied with the playing staff and did not intend to makes major changes and that two to three reinforcements are needed.