Lewandowski: "Future? The situation is not easy"

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Lewandowski: "Future? The situation is not easy"
Lewandowski: "Future? The situation is not easy" (Provided by Sport World News)

Robert Lewandowski has another year on his contract with Bayern Munich, but he talked about his future at the press conference, casting many doubts about his future: "Staying at Bayern Munich? It must be something both sides wanted.

me it's not an easy situation. Soon I think something will happen. I just know that soon there will be a meeting, but I don't know what will happen either. As I have said so far, I have not been told anything about my contract and my future.

nothing in particular happened. " Bayern Munich CEO Oliver Kahn said some days ago: "Lewandowski is not leaving, we're not stupid. It takes time to convince him to stay."

Cristiano Ronaldo and Eduardo Salvio: two soccer players in troubles

Cristiano Ronaldo was the protagonist of an unpleasant episode at the end of the match against Everton, won by the Liverpool team 1-0 against Manchester United.

At the end of the match CR7 destroyed the phone of a young autistic opposing fan. The 14-year-old's mom said to the Liverpool Echo: "He filmed all the United footballers passing by and then put the phone down to frame Ronaldo's bleeding leg.

He didn't even breathe but the Portuguese took his phone and my son stayed. shaken and cried, he couldn't accept what had happened. " The young man's mother, Sarah Kelly, posted photos of the boy's bruises on Facebook: "I'm shocked that a professional player could attack a child like this.

Footballers like that are real criminals. He is a father too, like. would he have heard if it had happened to his children?" Cristiano Ronaldo's Manchester United were defeated 1-0 by Everton: CR7 injured his leg and vented all his anger and frustration upon leaving the field.

An autistic child was resuming the moment of the Portuguese champion's passage, when Ronaldo hit the boy's hand, making him fall to earth the phone. Sarah Kelly, mother of Jake Harding, the autistic child hit by Ronaldo, said to the Liverpool Echo: "My son was filming all the United players, then he lowered his cell phone to see Ronaldo pulling down his socks and wanted to see what it was, it was bleeding.

He took my son's phone from his hand and broke it and kept walking. I can't believe it, my son has a bruise on his hand, you can see that there is a contact, he is bewildered. He's autistic and has dyspraxia and couldn't accept what was happening.

Ronaldo is my son's idol, he kept saying I'll see Ronaldo. Now he doesn't want to attend a football match anymore, it was his first time." Merseyside police have announced that they have opened an investigation into the player.

Eduardo Salvio, Boca Juniors player, is wanted by the police after the complaint of his wife Magalí Aravena, who said she was hit by the player when she found him in a car with another woman, the player lover. The woman turned to her husband approaching the window of the car and asking him to speak, at that moment the Boca player accelerated and hit her, dragging her for a few meters.

Salvio reversed his Mercedes Benz making him lose his tracks. The case is framed in gender-based violence and the police are looking for the player. The investigators are analyzing the videos of the security cameras of the place where the accident took place. Police say the player is still on the run.

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