Mauricio Pochettino leaves PSG?


Mauricio Pochettino leaves PSG?

PSG won the title and they once again showed dominance in France. On Saturday, the first championship trophy in the coaching career - but he'll maybe leave on Sunday. Mauricio Pochettino apparently ended his mission in Paris Saint-Germain.

The Argentine expert and the leaders of the new champion of France agree that their further cooperation is impossible, almost a year after he succeeded Thomas Tuchel, the Argentine will leave the Princes' Park. According to Le Parisienne, Pochettino wants to go and has already told sports director Leonardo what his idea is, and as the leaders did not stop trying to answer him, it is certain that they will soon lend a hand to each other.

There are several reasons for his departure. The first is personified in the knowledge that he did not fulfill the basic mission. He was brought with the intention of bringing the precious team to the top of Europe, last year he was stopped in front of the later finalist Manchester City, and these in the clash with Real Madrid are already at the first stop of the elimination phase of the Champions League.

It will be written that he returned the title after the year that Lille ruled, but the primary task is Europe, and he did not manage there. Besides, it's not that he built a favorable ambience in the locker room. Which is difficult, considering the huge ego of PSG stars.

He added a bad relationship with the crowd, which often booed him during the spring, especially after the debacle in Madrid. Although, Pochettino keeps the contract, which should last until June 2023, and based on the early parting, he will receive compensation in the form of 15,000,000 euros.


As soon as the information leaked that the Argentine was leaving, the one that suggested who could replace him immediately appeared. Allegedly, Antonio Conte's representatives suggested to the management of Paris Saint-Germain that the Italian be the next solution on the bench.

There is even a mention of the request that Conte requested a two-year contract, convinced that that period was enough for him to achieve his goals. The fact that he is currently at Tottenham does not affect Antonio Conte too much.

His contract in London lasts until the end of the next season, however, in such situations, when significant positions and big money are at stake, the paper becomes less valuable and everything is subject to termination. Especially if Tottenham fail to return to the Champions League.

PSG is reportedly considering whether to embark on an adventure with Conte. For several reasons. The biggest one is perhaps the fact that in every environment he quarreled with the management, publicly attacked, spent a lot of money along the way and left it.

In addition, the great wish of the Parisians is Zinedine Zidane, he has long been marked as a priority, but the problem with the former Real coach is that he would rather be national team coach when Didier Deschamps retires.

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