Roy Keane: This Manchester United is not the club I played for

"I did not see hearts or souls, I did not see a leader. They lack true quality"

by Sead Dedovic
Roy Keane: This Manchester United is not the club I played for

Manchester United last night disappointed their fans, their former players and all those who watched the match. They lost to Liverpool 4-0 at Anfield, and probably lost their chances for the Champions League, although there are still a few games to go.

One of those frustrated by United's game is former player, Roy Keane. At the beginning of this season, I felt anger. It's just sadness now. " His statement says enough about how bad the situation is inside the club, which the results say.

Who 10 years ago could have expected Manchester United to experience such a fate. They are in big trouble, Gary Neville is aware of the wait: "Let's talk about reinforcements, what they have been doing for the last 10 years.

They represented players with pianos, and Alexis Sanchez and Paul Pogba. They raised the players above the coach. Go to Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, the coach is always the primary figure. And they have undermined all coaches in the last 10 years by elevating footballers to the level of a deity.

The players did not fight back ", Neville will categorically say.
He has no doubt that Manchester United will return, just as no one doubted that Liverpool will return, even though they have not won the title for three decades.

However, in the time of the global financial crisis, he is not convinced that it will go so fast, because someone would now have to set aside billions to save United. "The club is fundamentally corrupt, on and off the field.

The stadium is falling apart, the training center is another category compared to others. And the owners, at a time when they need to invest, withdraw 25,000,000 pounds every year. " Roy Keane used to be the team captain, and he gave 100% every match.

He never gave up, and his fight on the field could be noticed. "I did not see hearts or souls, I did not see a leader. They lack true quality. The result is no surprise. You had the impression that Liverpool could score a goal whenever they move forward.

It is sad to see that this United is not the club I played for. They don't play with pride. It's sad to watch them, it really is. It's been a long night, "Keane said He aso mentioned some important names "Bruno is a talented footballer, but they are not a team.

They are good individuals. But they don't have what it takes to get out. They are not as talented as they think. Jesse Lingard came in to change the game, and he was supposed to leave two years ago. He is not good enough for Manchester United.

Rashford played as a child in the attack. OK, he didn't have much support, but in one or two situations when you were hoping - a bad move. Defensively, we tried to help Maguire (with three central defenders) before the game, but the last goal, his pass and his defense, is not acceptable.

What is he doing? Gambling. And he gives up. It's not good enough for Manchester United. "

Keane on Man Utd

Keane also recalled the former United team. "When I played, you had brilliant characters in the team. You wanted to be in the trench with them.

Robson, Bruce, Ince, Beckham, Giggs, But- brilliant guys. We didn't win every week, but you knew we'd do our best. And that is the minimum you should expect. And for this team, you can't even warm up. They give interviews like robots.

What is the culture of behavior in the training center? Do they have their own culture of behavior at all? Who leads them, who helps them? ”Keane asks and continues. "I've never heard of so many players wanting to go.

In my time you were afraid they might sell you, now they want to go. Let me tell you, they're already gone. Especially guys whose contracts expire. They are already on vacation. They switched off. They did not show up at Anfield. They lose 0: 4 and shake hands. They should be hiding. "

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