Bruno Fernandes: Liverpool is ready for the title. We are not

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Bruno Fernandes: Liverpool is ready for the title. We are not

Manchester United played desperately again. Although they needed a draw or possibly a win, they had huge problems during the match and were completely outplayed. It is clear that everyone at United is disappointed after this match, because losing 4-0 to the biggest rival is not easy at all.

The Manchester United players looked disappointed after the match, but they have to blame themselves for not showing anything. They had no will, no motivation and in the end were penalized with 4 goals in the net. One of those who was furious was Bruno Fernandes who answered the question of what is the main difference between them and Liverpool.

"Liverpool are fighting for the title. That's the difference. We are not fighting for anything," Fernandes replied However, Manchester United finished last season above Liverpool, as the second-placed team with five points more.

However this season they are far from Liverpool and obviously there are big problems in the locker room. "We have to get away from it, look in the mirror from head to toe and figure out what's wrong, what's going on."

Bruno Fernandes on Manchester United

The speech of the body of the Manchester United football player, who, it is true, extremely missed Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as several other first team players, suggests that Manchester United just want the season to end as soon as possible.

Bruno had something to say: "No, that must not happen. We represent a great club and we must fight to the end. If someone does not want to fight, it is better to stay away from the team. No one should lower their head now and think about the end season, vacation ...

Everyone must understand that we have something to fight for, even if it was just the club's coat of arms. " Bruno Fernandes thanked the fans who applauded after the match even though they were desperate. The United players are aware that they have to improve their performances if they do not want the same fate to happen to them next season.

I apologize to the fans, but that will never be enough. They don't deserve to be seen playing like this, they deserve much more than us. The way they supported us to the end ... They stayed after the last whistle to support us with applause.

We have to raise the standard to a much, much higher level, "Fernandes concluded. Erik ten Haag is mentioned as the new coach. If he comes, he will have to change a lot.