Jose Mourinho frustrated by the referees!

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Jose Mourinho frustrated by the referees!

Jose Mourinho is known as a temperamental coach, often nervous, but it’s all out of a desire for his club to succeed. This time he is frustrated by the referees. His Roma have been playing better lately, after reaching the semifinals of the Conference League, they had a match in Serie A.

In the end, Roma reached a draw with a goal by El-Sharawy, but Mourinho was dissatisfied. Jose has put Roma in a situation to fight for the European trophy, but the question is whether Roma will be part of the UEFA competition next season, even though they are playing great in the last matches.

Even after the visit to Napoli, they are on the 5th place on the Serie A table, although this great expert is convinced that Roma deserved more than the draw brought to them by Stefan El Shaarawy in the first minute of extra time(1: 1).

After that goal, Jose exploded under a rush of emotions. "I celebrated because it seemed impossible to achieve a positive result. And not because my team didn't play well. On the contrary, we made progress in 90 minutes, but all the time I had the feeling that it was difficult, almost impossible to achieve a favorable outcome in Naples.

That's why I was looking forward to it, "Jose Mourinho explained. Mourinho is proud of his team and those they have shown. "After the conference League match four days ago, the duel with Napoli came to us as an ascent to Mount Everest.

We succeeded with quality, character, mental strength and incredible perseverance. We wanted more, and we achieved only what was possible. I am immensely proud of the guys I coach. We are not candidates for the Scudetto, but we still have the right to win matches.

The only difference is that in Naples we seem to be deprived of that right. "


Of course, Mourinho could not help but mention the referees. "I read that the new Italian champion will be decided by the referees.

More precisely, that the champion will become the team at whose expense they will make fewer mistakes. I would add that the championship can be decided by mistakes in favor of the teams that are candidates for the title. I wouldn't want to talk too much, but sometimes I'm ashamed to be next to the out-line.

Mourinho stated reasons why he was dissatisfied: "How many should I highlight, two, three, more ...? Alessandro Zanoli should have been sent off. Only in the first half, he should have received the second yellow card, so it would be in any league on the planet.

Then, there was a penalty over Nicola Zaniolo. There are many more details, but I will stop here. You should respect Roma more. Unfortunately, in the period when the team was formed, we were not good enough and that is why we are not able to fight for the title, but we still want to win in every match," Mourinho explained.