Jurgen Klopp and Ralf Rangnick on impressions before the derby

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Jurgen Klopp and Ralf Rangnick on impressions before the derby

Tomorrow we have a match between Liverpool and Manchester United. The derby we all can’t wait to watch, however the last few years is not a race between the two clubs. United will need to win the Champions League while Liverpool have to win if they want to fight for the title.

Klopp and Rnagnick know each other well from Germany and Jurgen praised his compatriot. " On hold. We didn’t have contact since he was at United. I respect his job. He respects my job. I can’t make it Klopp-Rangnick game, I don’t want to.

"I respect him for everything he did in his career, he did an incredible job everywhere he’s been, he took a difficult one at Manchester United, big expectations, no time to get there because it’s like this in our business.

"You can see the changes he made and the parts he improved. When we prepare the United game I didn’t think about Ralf in that moment. It’s a very important game but the managers probably won’t score the decisive goal."

Klopp also praised Rangnick's work, and believes that United looks much more compact. "Ralf tried to organise the team, give them structure with the squad they have," he said. "United played some really, really good games but because it’s United even when you win games they say ‘this isn't there or that isn’t there’, so it's difficult to get momentum.

They concede less goals for sure. " "It’s a big game, a massive game, the two biggest clubs in the world, there are clubs in Spain who say differently, but this is two of the biggest clubs, massive history around, big fights in the past, big fights since I’m here," he said.

Rangnick on Klopp

Ralf Rangnick also had only words of praise for Klopp and is aware of how difficult the match awaits him. "They are good, they are extremely good," Rangnick said on Klopp. "It's no coincidence that they're as good as they are.

Jurgen has built that team over the last six-and-a-half years. Six or seven of those players used to be my/our players when we signed them for our clubs when nobody knew them. Rangnick is aware of how difficult the match awaits him, but they will have to give their best if they want to fight for the Champions League until the end.

"And again, it's no coincidence that this is probably the club with the highest number of players from our former clubs because their approach, their style of football, the way they want to play is pretty similar."