Carlo Ancelotti after comeback against Sevilla: We’re getting used to such games


Carlo Ancelotti after comeback against Sevilla: We’re getting used to such games
Carlo Ancelotti after comeback against Sevilla: We’re getting used to such games

Real Madrid once again showed their mental strength when everyone wrote them off. Although they lost 2-0 to Sevilla, the Royal club showed why they bear that name, and they made a comeback in the final. The match ended 2-3. As many times this season, Karim Benzema has been key in his team’s win.

After the game, there was a lot of talk, when Vinicius Jr scored, but the referee called the handball. Carlo Ancelotti had something to say: “Vinicius’ goal was never a handball. It’s difficult for me to understand the handballs.

It seems the referee had a plan for the game. “Vinicius told me that he didn’t touch the ball. I can’t believe the ref disallowed that, if he had given the red card to Camavinga as well - his plan would have worked perfectly.

”- Ancelotti said. Carlo Ancelotti is proud of his team, which has returned to the match many times this season. This time, too, they showed maturity, determination and in the end deservedly won. Their mental strength was at the highest level.

“We’re getting used to such games, this team is capable of special things. Everyone is waiting for Real Madrid to have a flat tire, but we’re cruising through. ” “I’m not saying that I am surprised because this team doesn’t surprise me, but this second half makes me proud.

I have to thank all of the players

Rodrygo and Vinicius Jr. form

What should make Real Madrid fans happy is that their young players are playing like never before. Vinicius Jr., Rodrygo have shown this season why Real Madrid have had patience with them.

“Rodrygo made a difference, just like Camavinga did these last few games. We’re working on them to improve and start getting into starting line-up, ”the Merengues’ head coach stated. Carlo Ancelotti answered the question whether Rodrygo's entry changed things: “This is what stats say.

I think he will be a great player. He played an amazing game today. ” Real Madrid have not won the title yet, but they are close to that goal. Hardly anyone can endanger them now, and this could be a season to remember. Real Madrid are still competing in the Champions League, where they are one of the main favorites.

Let's wait for the end of the season, this could be a year that Real Madrid fans will remember. “We haven’t won the league yet but it’s a confidence boost to win here tonight,” he said.

Carlo Ancelotti

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