Xavi: When we left the hotel, I already felt that it started badly

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Xavi: When we left the hotel, I already felt that it started badly
Xavi: When we left the hotel, I already felt that it started badly (Provided by Sport World News)

Although Xavi had a great start to his adventure in Barcelona, ​​the defeat by Eintracht Frankfurt changed a lot and showed that Barcelona is still vulnerable and that it will take a long time to be competitive in the strongest competitions.

The defeat by Eintracht affected the team, and we will see if it will be felt in the next matches as well. "When we left the hotel, I already felt that it started badly. We could not enter through the first tunnel, everything was against us, we were robbed in our own house.

It was a very bad night in every way. We are focusing on placing in the Champions League, in that fight everything depends on us, unlike the championship race in which we are not the only ones wondering. The atmosphere influenced the players, they did not feel at home," Xavi said.

Barcelona's main goal is the Champions League and they are close to that goal, although at the beginning of the season it seemed that they would have huge problems being among the first 4 teams in the league. Xavi has given them back their confidence, and they are in a great streak.

"If Real drops points tonight, we could reach a single-digit number of points, but we have to win. Everything is in vain if we do not triumph tomorrow, but also in the next games. The primary goal is to be in the Champions League next season, if we can compete for the trophy later, it will be even better ".

Next matches

Xavi sees progress, just like all those who have followed Barcelona since his arrival. The match against Eintracht spoiled the impression a bit, but a series of seven victories shows that Barcelona is a very good team.

"On the visit to Levante we were good at times, in Frankfurt as well, but we lost more balls than ever and that affects us a lot. We reached a very high level against both Madrid and Sevilla and now it is clear that we are in decline compared to these matches.

It's a matter of time, patience and faith. We have no choice but to work hard. We managed to win against Osasuna even though the rival played with five in the last line. The outcome depends on many things, whether you are efficient or not.

We had five or six clear chances to take the lead, we need to be objective and self-critical. " Barcelona will play against Cadiz, who can be tough on the opponent, but since Barcelona is currently playing, they should not have any major problems.

Still, let's wait. "Cadiz will be a difficult rival, I think they have made a lot of progress with the current strategist. We have eight finals left and we must at least keep the current position. We hope that the fans will support us because their attitude in the previous game affected us." said the Barcelona strategist.