Stefano Pioli: No one could have imagined a situation like this

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Stefano Pioli: No one could have imagined a situation like this

AC Milan has not been the main contender for the Serie A title for a long time. They have been trying to reach the very top of the table for several years, but they have always lacked something. Juventus' dominance lasted for years, but then everything changed last season.

Inter and Milan were one of the two main competitors, but in the end, Inter convincingly finished the season and won the title. This season the same story again, only now Milan is very close to Inter. With the victory against Genoa, Milan is just one point behind the leading Inter and a spectacular fight awaits us until the very end.

Stefano Pioli has once again shown that he is a top coach and that he knows how to prepare the team for the biggest matches. Although they lost their mental strength in the second part of the previous season, this time they prove the opposite, and that they learned from their mistakes.

He also set a record of 6 games without conceding a goal, along with two other Milan coaches. "I am honored to be in such a company," said Stefano Pioli This was a game they had to win, they had to start furiously from the first moment, to win, and in the end it paid off.

Naturally, we saw the result of Inter before our game. But that doesn't change anything here, we know we have to win every game. We must now feel the pressure as positive energy. I am satisfied with the approach of my players and with the fact that the pressure is fuel for us ".

Milan next matches

There are many difficult matches ahead of Milan and each can be crucial for the title. There is a lot of pressure on the players, a lot of responsibility and this is an opportunity they have been waiting for a long time.

Now Pioli needs to know how to calm down the players and take the pressure off them. "I expect difficult matches, but they are all like that and we are all in the same sauce. We lost more points against the teams from the lower part of the table, but the others do not easily cope with them either.

I don't think we have an easier or harder schedule. The only thing that counts is quality. The derby in the cup is also a very important game that is ahead of us, but it will not affect our mentality and the championship. " Milan was in a slightly more difficult position last year, but now the situation is completely different and it seems that they did not expect this.

"Last year, at this time, we didn't even know if we would finish among the four in the league, and now we are fighting for the Scudetto. When we started together, two and a half years ago, no one could have imagined a situation like this.

Many of us are fighting for the Scudetto for the first time, we want to win and stay in the first place until the last day", concluded Stefano Pioli.