Micah Richards: I want to see Diego Simeone in the Premier League

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Micah Richards: I want to see Diego Simeone in the Premier League

Diego Simeone is one of the best coaches, which he has proven many times. His charisma, energy, and appearance on the field say enough about how much he cares about his team and how much he tries to give his maximum Although many do not like his defensive football and style of play, Simeone has achieved a lot of success precisely with his strategies, and Atletico Madrid is today one of the most stable clubs that regularly play big matches.

Even after the match with Manchester City, there is a lot of controversy about Simeone and his team. Some believe that Simeone did not prepare the team well, and some believe that he was close. Either way, his team's game is to be commended.

One of those who expressed an opinion regarding Diego Simeone is a former Manchester City player, Micah Richards. "I read and listened to what was being said after the rematch of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, many condemned Diego Simeone, and his team.

To be honest, I'm confused by the criticism, because I absolutely liked what I saw and the way they contributed to the spectacle. If Atletico had tried to fight City for 180 minutes and attacked them, everything would have been over after the first game in Manchester.

What many people lose sight of is that there are so many different ways to get results," said Micah Richards.

Incidents on the field

Micah doesn't blame Simeone and his team much, except for one thing Felipe did. "It was said that Simeone and Atletico crossed the line of what is acceptable, but the only member of the Madrid team whom I object to because of what happened on the field is Felipe, who did unnecessary things in duels with Phil Foden.

The rest of the craziness on the field didn't bother me at all. " Micah just like a large number of football fans would love to see Diego Simeone in the Premier League. What a spectacle it would be with big coach names like Guardiola, Klopp, Conte, and Simeone "I would absolutely like to see him in the Premier League.

Can you imagine that dimension and what kind of addition he would be if he fought Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel, and Antonio Conte? Football is diversity, surviving unusual challenges. It would be boring if everyone played the same way because the teams with the best players would always win.

Streetfighters like Simeone and his Atletico will always be there to disrupt the order," underlined the long-time first team player of Manchester City.

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