Diego Simeone on Pep Guardiola’s comments, City tactics and applauding

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Diego Simeone on Pep Guardiola’s comments, City tactics and applauding

Atletico Madrid could not go in the semi finals this time. Manchester City managed to make it to the semi-finals and Diego Simeone looked sad after the match Atletico Madrid put a lot of pressure, but the Citizens resisted, and succeeded in their goal.

"You always want to win, no matter how you win. Victories are celebrated, they are the most important in football. It was difficult against a team that does not score below two goals per game, we had to stop them on defense.

In the first match we were barely had a chance, tonight we created three, four, five ... You have priorities in life, first is victory, and then it's to be proud of what we do. We have great fans who push the team and lead it to what it has shown.

I am proud of what Atletico did, we competed, we have our ways. Maybe they are good or bad, the ones we don't like, but we compete. That's what these players achieved. They did everything knowing that the rival is better. We didn't win , and that was the most important thing, "Simeone said.

There is also a lot of talk about how Simeone applauded the City bench, but he denied it. "At no point did I applaud the rival's bench, but our fans. It seemed fair to me to applaud something that was seen, to give the players what they wanted."

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Simeone was then asked to comment on whether he felt that Guardiola was treating him with disrespect.

“I don’t have to have an opinion on whether someone speaks well or not [of me]”. “Many times, those that have a large vocabulary, they are very intelligent and they praise you with contempt. But we aren’t so stupid, the ones that perhaps have smaller vocabulary." After last night's match, there are many comments about City's game, and it seems that Pep Guardiola copy the tactics often applied by his colleague Diego Simeone.

Simeone declined to comment on City's defensive play. "I think football has many aspects, I will not comment on how the rival behaved. There are you, who look critically and express your opinion, we kept ours. We played against perhaps the best team on the planet, just realizing that we were able to compete it leaves me happy, but I feel depressed because we didn't win.

" Journalists asked Simeone to give advice to Real Madrid in the Champions League: "Should I give Real some advice in the Champions League? That would be disrespectful," concluded Cholo.

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