Gianluigi Buffon: Italy can lose against everyone, we have no quality

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Gianluigi Buffon: Italy can lose against everyone, we have no quality

A big shock came when we learned that Italy will not play in the World Cup. The European champions failed to qualify, and were minimally defeated by Northern Macedonia. It is still amazing that the team that was the EURO champion will not perform at the biggest show in the world.

Gianluigi Buffon, the legendary goalkeeper of Italy, also expressed his dissatisfaction in an interview with La Stampa. "Mancini was the main architect of the Renaissance, which was completed by winning the European Championship, but he bears some responsibility for the defeat by Macedonia.

If we were eliminated from Portugal, on penalties, no one would say anything, but it is difficult to start from zero," said the legendary goalkeeper of Italy Buffon also pointed out what the main problem of their team is.

According to him, modern football has also brought about great changes, and he believes that Italy does not have the necessary quality at the moment. "Already in 2010 in South Africa, after the elimination in the group stage with the defeat of Slovakia, I noticed that globalization brings changes in values ​​and hierarchy and that we will celebrate successes in qualifications.

Since then we have illusions with moments of glory like the European Championship, but I was right. We have a unique temperament in difficult situations, we know how to block in important moments, we lack quality. When we are motivated we give our best, but otherwise we can lose from anyone."

Paulo Dybala

Of course, the main topic is both Paulo Dybala and his status. Dybala wants to leave Juventus and we will see what his next destination will be. There are many teams that are mentioned as a potential destination for this Argentine, but the biggest problem with Dybala is the injuries that ruined a good part of his career.

However, now it seems ready, and the question is which club will be the fastest and who will eventually sign a contract with this great Argentine. "Farewell to Dibala and Juventus? I didn't expect that, but the club was honest and direct, explaining that it is no longer functional for the project.

They didn't extend his contract because of that, not because they consider him bad. Paulo will find a chance to do great things somewhere elsewhere, but that does not mean that Juve made a mistake. Vlahović is dominant in terms of build, quality and strength ", said the legendary goalkeeper who will be remembered for his top career.