Julian Nagelsmann: I don't know what awaits me next, but I'm not afraid

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Julian Nagelsmann: I don't know what awaits me next, but I'm not afraid

Shock at Bayern. Nobody expected such an outcome, nor did anyone believe that Bayern would be eliminated in the quarterfinals. Except Villarel! The Villareal team showed maturity and the strength, and in the end they reached the semifinals of the strongest competition in the world.

Many blame Julian Naglesmann for this defeat, and believe that the team is not well prepared and lacks quality. Naglesmann seems to lack experience, but also the fact that he has not led any big club before Bayern. Julian excelled with teams in the Bundesliga; Hoffenham and RB Leipzig.

There he showed how capable he is, but maybe Bayern is still too big a thing for him? Julian Nagelsmann didn't talk too much after the match, and revealed his impressions: "The difference was made by those 0: 1 from the first game, then we lost the duel.

Today we played very well, this was one of our better performances in previous months. In the first half Musiala had a serious chance, in the second we could reach 2: 0 through Thomas (Muller). It was a good opportunity, and you don't get a lot of them in games like this.

They defended quite low, the danger of counterattacks was great, and Villarreal practically did not move from the defensive position the whole game, "Nagelsmann said. .
Although Bayern is close to winning the Bundesliga title, the fans will certainly be dissatisfied with the German strategist because he did not fulfill the main goal that the fans wanted, which is the Champions League.


It is obvious that they will have to make some changes in the Bavarian team, because it was clear that they did not have solutions for something concrete. "I don't know what awaits me next, but I'm not afraid of unpleasant situations in the coming weeks ...

There are much worse things in the world," Nagelsman concluded. The defeat was extremely difficult for one of the longest-serving football players of the Munich giant, Thomas Muller. "We are indignant because we conceded a goal despite a game like this tonight.

We played with dedication and quality and pressed, pressed and pressed while the audience gave us the wind in our backs. Maybe we should blame ourselves for not scoring another goal. But the goal we achieved, certainly didn't hang in the air because we defended well," said the Bayern striker.

This is probably the biggest surprise of the Champions League so far, and it will be interesting to know the name of the next opponent of Villarel.