Carlo Ancelotti: They said that the Spaniards were inferior to the English

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Carlo Ancelotti: They said that the Spaniards were inferior to the English

Carlo Ancelotti does not give up on his intentions, and his team seems superior to others. In addition to quality, Real Madrid players showed mental strength last night when they managed to save themselves after 0: 3. It looked like Real Madrid could finish the competition, but this time too, just like PSG's team, they showed the quality that obviously exists, and thus advanced to the semifinals of the strongest competition in the world.

Carlo Ancelotti had something to say after the match: "We won because we had the energy to revive the game. The changes gave us that energy. We didn't deserve a 2-0 deficit. We suffered after the break because we lacked a defense specialist from them, Militao.

We suffered a lot, but that's Normal. Chelsea are a great team I don't think we were hungry enough for a goal because we didn't need it in the beginning But we deserved the next round.The 3-0 lead freed us and the Bernabeu magic came to light, the magic of this club "Carlo Ancelotti said

Rodrygo and Camavinga

Carlo Ancelotti thought carefully about the best option to continue the game, and then introduced Rodrygo and Camavinga to the game.

"I had to be calm and composed, to think carefully about what to do. I put in Camavinga and Rodrigo to breathe energy into the team. Chelsea was worn out and under a lot of pressure and that gave us an advantage in overtime.

We were fresher. The first time Rodrygo made a difference after entering the game, he did the same against Paris Saint-Germain. He is young, an important part of this team ... He needs more time to mature, but I am very pleased with what he provides.

About Camavinga ... His quality, energy ... He can also be a starter ", - added Ancelotti He also congratulated Unai Emery. "Congratulations to Unai (Emery). I am happy for Villarreal, I am really happy for them. We gave a great encouragement to the representatives of Spain.

I've heard stories of Spanish clubs being inferior to English ones, and here are two Spanish teams in the semi-finals. " This victory will further strengthen them, because this showed how mentally strong and ready they are.

"No one can claim that we will not be winners. No one can also say that we will win it. Today we have shown that we are capable of competing to the last step," Ancelotti concluded. It will be interesting to find out who will be waiting for them in the semifinals. It will be a real spectacle!