Sergio Ramos: I can play for another 5 years at the top level

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Sergio Ramos: I can play for another 5 years at the top level

When he signed a contract with PSG last summer, real chaos happened in Paris. The fans were full of euphoria, they expected only the best, but unfortunately, their season is far from that. Sergio Ramos almost never played for PSG, and it is clear that there is already talk of his departure.

Sergio Ramos is certainly thinking of clubs where he could continue his career, but the question is who will want the 36-year-old Spaniard, who has been prone to injuries lately. The contract will be valid for two years, with the option of extension.

In a conversation with former football player Ludovic Giuly for the French Amazon Prime, Ramos announced that he would try to get the mentioned extension. "Four or five more years at a high level, and then I'll turn to other things.

I have two more years of contract in Paris, and I'll try to extend it to three. Then we'll see as long as my body serves me. As for the head, I am maximally concentrated, "said the Spaniard
Ludovic Giuly wondered whether Ramos would rather be the best footballer in the world or play for the best club in the world, Sergio Ramos immediately replied: "I would rather play for the best team, because after all, football is a team game and everything is subordinated to victories.

I would rather play in world and European championships and in the Champions League than be individually the best. And to achieve that, you need help the whole team, "Ramos said.

National team

Of course, Ludovic Giuly prepared interesting questions, and one of them was whether Ramos would rather play for the club or for the national team: "The feeling of playing for your country is always something very, very big, and to get to the national team you must first play well for your team.

It is a similar feeling, but at the same time different. I could not stay in my team and national team, but those are unique feelings. Only with the national team you can be a world champion," Ramos replied. Unfortunately, Ramos is not currently playing for the national team due to injury, and he has certainly finished his career there, but he should never be written off, as he certainly has a goal to return to the team.

He would be of great help. The question is how ready Ramos is at the moment and whether he can still play at a top level, given the injuries, but also the age. However, clubs are still interested in him, and it will be interesting to know if he will change his destination. Chances are he will.