Max Allegri openly about Pep Guardiola style, Dybala and social media

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Max Allegri openly about Pep Guardiola style, Dybala and social media

Massimiliano Allegri is a big coaching name in Italy. Current Juventus coach. Although his team won 1: 2 in the match with Cagliari, it seems that Max was not satisfied. "No one likes to lose, not even me." "That's why I prefer when criticism pours in when we win and we play badly.

For example, no one remembers or no one talks about how we looked in the Italian Derby just seven days ago. Everyone mentions how Inter is marching towards the Scudetto, no one should draw attention to how we played ",he said..

"You never know in which direction the matches will develop. This one at the Sardinia Arena could have ended differently. It is comical that the media representatives constantly emphasize how beautiful, likable, football should be played, and after that, they will focus exclusively on the result.

" He gave a concrete example: "Fortunately, I don't read websites or follow social networks, but my associates and friends told me that the fans on them were delighted with how we looked in the first 75 minutes of the match with Villarreal.

Everyone praised us. As soon as we conceded the goal, they characterized the game of Juventus as a failure. They don't go with each other. Makes no sense. The edition is always the same, only the result changes. I enjoy listening to critiques, it only irritates me when someone exaggerates from time to time.


Pep Guardiola

Then Allegri gave the example of Pep Guardiola "We are not talking only at Juventus, but about football in general. Let's talk about the alphabet of football, passing the ball, getting rid of the guards. " "Italy has been a world champion four times, created its own style, but for 15 years we have been trying to follow what Pep Guardiola is doing, not realizing that the Catalan has changed himself.

Fabio Capello noticed that. When I told him I understand why Pep keeps the goalkeeper deep in the field, many did not understand. Then I had to explain literally. " Of course, the main topic is Paulo Dybala "His contribution was vital.

I adore footballers capable of controlling the ball. I am a bit old-fashioned and it seems to me that we have to pay more attention to the education of talents in younger categories, to deal with basic details such as technique.

All stories have an end, even Dybala. There is a divorce between husband and wife, coaches and players leave clubs, it's all natural, a part of life. Due to injuries, Dybala now plays as a player as he was and as he can, however, he proved that he is a top professional, although he does not want to renew his contract. "

Pep Guardiola