PSG gave up on Neymar: They want to sell him!


PSG gave up on Neymar: They want to sell him!
PSG gave up on Neymar: They want to sell him!

Neymar's time at PSG also seems to have come to an end Neymar has won many trophies with PSG, but it seems that all this is not enough because the Champions League is missing! The owners of the Parisian club were overwhelmed by the behavior of the football player, in which they invested over 500,000,000 euros, including salaries, bonuses and bonuses, and decided to simply give up on him.

In addition to the coveted Champions League trophy, the reason for bringing Neymar was the desire of rich sheikhs from Qatar to use him to promote the World Cup to be held in that country next winter. Although he had a lot of good moves, goals and everything, it seems that he did not show what was expected of him, and that he did not justify the money invested.

It is much harder for the Brazilian to find an excuse when at the same time, while he is not playing due to alleged injuries, he can see videos on social networks during which he enjoys spending time off the field to the maximum.

Mbappe and Neymar

Therefore, all the attention of the rich sheikhs is focused on Kylian Mbappe and his stay in Paris, despite the invitation of Real Madrid. As for the Brazilian, the exit door is open for him, but he will hardly pass through it this summer.

The enormous income that Neymar has in PSG (36,000,000 euros a year) can only be sent by Newcastle, which became the richest club in the world with the arrival of the owner from Saudi Arabia, but it is hard to imagine it in a working class town in the north of England and a team that currently on the Premier League table he is closer to the relegation zone than playing in Europe.

Neymar had the best days in Barcelona and he would surely like to come back and show again everything that made him one of the best players of his team, but it seems that it will be difficult, given that Barcelona now has some other plans.

, and Neymar is not in the plans of his former team. Of course, his price is too high, but so is the salary, all of which affects the whole situation and we will see what will happen in the end. One thing is for sure; PSG will want a good offer because they need someone to inherit such a great player.

Maybe English clubs will be faster than others. In any case, Neymar is 30 years old and will have to think carefully about his future, because this decision could change everything.

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