City will pay 2/3 of Otamendi's salary

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City will pay 2/3 of Otamendi's salary

And 53,000,000 euros plus bonuses and Nicolas Otamendi and 2/3 of his salary covered in the next two years! Benfica has just dropped an ax in the last few days ... While Manchester is waiting for the official announcement of the far more interesting transfer of Ruben Dias for the new club record when it comes to the defender, in Portugal everyone is talking about the agreement that Benfica made with City for the transfer of Nicolas Otamendi to Benfica!

So, not only did Benfica automatically find a replacement solution for the 23-year-old Portuguese, but they will get the Argentine national team player by financing City most of his salary.

6 million euros for Otamendi's salary

According to the information from Portugal, Manchester City will pay four of the six million euros of Otamendi's salary in Benfica during the first two of the three years of the contract!

This means that Benfica remains to pay 2,000,000 euros annually, which is not even 40,000 euros per week, and of course it is clear to everyone that the Portuguese runner-up passed fantastically here. Let's explain the first amount of money from the beginning of the text ...

Manchester City paid 68,000,000 euros to Ruben Dias, with Benfica paying 15,000,000 euros for Otamendi, which means that 53,000,000 euros will come to Benfica purely, plus Nicolas Otamendi, who previously agreed on a three-year cooperation with the Eagles.

And so everyone is happy! Benfica will also receive bonuses in the amount of 3,700,000 euros. Otamendi will receive a net salary of six million euros in Benfica, and when those two years of City's financing expire, his salary will be significantly lower in the last season.

But it has not been revealed how much. Manchester City got the stopper they had been looking for all summer, with Dias dropping the fourth option after Kalidou Koulibaly, Jose Maria Gimenez and Gilles Kounde. But Pep Guardiola is satisfied.

He also fought for an unnecessary stopper that he definitely wanted to sell during the summer, and now he has to try to sell John Stones or Eric Garcia, since the competition for stoppers is too great at the moment ... We don't know yet how good Otamendi will be.

He used to be considered one of the best defenders in the City and had fantastic games in the jersey of the citizens, but injuries and years have taken their toll and Otamendi is not a player like he used to be. Benfica has been changing the transfer policy lately and is also bringing in slightly older players who can bring an advantage to the team. It is Otamendi who could strengthen Benfica's defense and help it reach the title in the Portuguese league.