Jurgen Klopp: Pep Guardiola is the best coach in the world

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Jurgen Klopp: Pep Guardiola is the best coach in the world

Sunday, the day when the decision on the new champion of England could be made. Manchester City and Liverpool will clash at the Etihad, the first and second on the table and they are only a point difference. Both teams successfully won the first matches of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, so they are in a great mood waiting for the big derby.

And, in the run-up to that match, Jurgen Klopp had a press conference today at which he poured praise on Pep Guardiola.
For the Liverpool manager, there is no doubt that his great rival and colleague from the opponent's bench is the best football strategist of today.

"Pep is the best coach in the world. If anyone doubts that ... I really don't know how that could happen. Look at what he won, what kind of football his teams play," Klopp emphasized. Jurgen agrees that he and Pep get the best out of each other.

"It is probably true. When you play football professionally at the highest level, then the focus is always on your matches. We are now in the part of the season when you can't help but look at the table. I am sure that Federer and Nadal enjoy the rivalry they have.

I can't say I'm grateful that City is so good, but it didn't hurt our development."

Sunday match

The only thing the German does not agree with is that the match on Sunday will solve the issue of the champion. "Let's look at all possible outcomes: if we win, we will go to a two-point advantage.

If we lose, we'll be at minus four. With a draw, everything remains as it is. And then how can anyone think that everything will be solved on Sunday? It is a very important game, but it would be a big game if we had 15 points less.

" Jamie Carragher, a former Liverpool defender, said in the run-up to Sunday's derby that the rivalry between the two clubs is currently the biggest and strongest in the league. "Who said that?" Carrager? In that case - that's right.

In the last four years, we have come closer to City. We push each other to an incredible points balance. I never thought that was possible in this league. The consistency that these two clubs have shown in recent years is crazy, "said Jurgen Klopp.

Although Klopp believes that this match is not so important, this match could decide the champion, but let's wait, there are still a few rounds to go.

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