Unai Emery: We don’t have a lot of money, but we have a love for football


Unai Emery: We don’t have a lot of money, but we have a love for football

For four and a half years, Bayern Munich did not lose on the road in the Champions League. The series of invincibility began after September 2017 and the defeat by Paris Saint-Germain Unai Emery, and ended last night, completely unexpectedly and unplanned, directed by Villarreal and again Unai Emery.

The owner of four Europa League trophies was blamed for failures with Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal, he began to be rumored not to be a coach for big clubs, but for what he is doing with the Yellow Submarine this season, his hat must be taken off, regardless of whether he will rematch at the Allianz Arena to defend the minimal advantage gained in the first match of the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

When we put the clubs he coached on paper, Emery's career has taken an upward trajectory since 2012 - Spartak Moscow, Sevilla, and Paris Saint-Germain, and then got the look of a free fall. He did not meet expectations in Paris, then in London with Arsenal, so in the summer of 2020, he came to the helm of Villarreal.

Maybe a year and a half ago, it seemed to someone that the average coach is finally in the right place - in the average club, but the results: Europa League trophy won last season in a direct clash with Manchester United, and this year's trip to the League the champion will say otherwise.

Emery Unai

Emery is everything, but not an average coach, even if in less than a week his army is defeated at the Allianz Arena. Not only did last night's triumph in Spain make the Bavarians considered one of the favorites for the "Eared Cup" tremble for the passage ahead before the return match, but he also destroyed Juventus in Turin in the round of 16.

The same Juve whose top was the loudest for the infamous Super League as a company of giants that one Villarreal could not even reconcile. "These victories are a recognition of projects that have fewer supporters and money than others, but that do a lot for football.

Human, family projects make people happy. Football belongs to people. Here we humbly work for a solid and stable project. I do not agree with the idea of ​​a Super League with the biggest teams. Football has to decide ", Emery started the interview for the respectable French L'Equipe.

Villarreal does not have the purchasing power of the giants with which the barbarian has struggled on the European path since Emery took the helm. Villarreal is a big club located in the village (51,000 inhabitants). The president and his son own a big business based on ceramics, they are very passionate about football and this club is another business they are proud of."