Thomas Tuchel after the match: We were so far off our level

"You can't play like this at this level"

by Sead Dedovic
Thomas Tuchel after the match: We were so far off our level

Tough five days for the European champion. Also for their fans. Brentford packed four goals for the weekend, Real Madrid one less tonight. And although the debacle from last year's second league in the city derby will not do much harm to Chelsea, this one will, because it could mean the surrender of the European crown.

Also, it is confirmed that something has been wrong with the London team lately. As expected, in his statements after the match, Thomas Tuchel pointed out his disappointment and dissatisfaction with the performance of the entire team.

"Heavy defeat and one of our worst first halves at Stamford Bridge. You can't play like this at this level, either individually or as a team. None of us provided enough. We didn't do what we used to do and we were far from ours.

And when you lose games like that, "said the German expert after the match. Last season, on the way to the roof of Europe, Real was one of Chelsea's victims. A year later, the line-up was almost unchanged, but the outcome was completely different.

When asked by reporters what went wrong, Tuchel answered: "Everything. Not only how open we were, but where we sent passes, how and where we sent them. Where we attacked, our intensity, starts, desire… The first half was below the standards we set for ourselves.

We can't complain. when we lose like this. " Tuchel points out the next championship match with Southampton as an opportunity to wake up his team. "It is very, very important that we process this first. It is crucial that we go to Southampton.

I will do everything for the team to process this game, but the most important thing right now is visiting Southampton. If we continue to play like this, we will lose to Southampton. we don't have to think about the Bernabeu, they'll break us there.

" "We had 16 shots on their goal in the second half. You can always come back, equalize or win, but if you kill yourself in the 48th minute, it's getting harder and harder. Still, we still had a chance in the second half to let's reduce it to 3: 2, but not today ", concluded Tuchel.

Ancelotti on the game

His colleague from the opposite side, Carlo Ancelotti, warns that nothing is still over. "We had control of the game, we were dangerous from the counterattack. It was a good evening, but this is only the first half, we have to look ahead.

We showed good organization, Benzema was fantastic. We managed to find space between the lines. We have an advantage, but there will be another game on Tuesday - they are the winners of the Champions League. "

Thomas Tuchel