Diego Simeone on Pep Guardiola: He was lucky he coached Messi and the others

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Diego Simeone on Pep Guardiola: He was lucky he coached Messi and the others
Diego Simeone on Pep Guardiola: He was lucky he coached Messi and the others (Provided by Sport World News)

One would think at first that Diego Simeone and Pep Guardiola are some arch-enemies, behind whom are matches and matches of great fights. However, history says that they only played against each other three times, as coaches.

Guardiola leads 2: 1 in that score, but two new matches follow, between Manchester City and Atletico Madrid in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The antagonism that exists between the two coaches is more due to two completely different styles that they nurture, the ways in which their teams play.

While Guardiola loves possession, that his team keeps the ball to the extreme, Simeone nurtures an aggressive style, a lot of "fights" and a plan to reach the opponent's net as soon as possible. On the eve of the trip to Manchester, Simeone talked about that topic and sent a small "arrow" towards Guardiola.

"The thing is that I have never had the opportunity to coach Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets in the teams I led. And that while they were still young. Guardiola's talent is aside, but he was very lucky to be surrounded by all those great players," said Cholo.

He said what he sees in all of Pep's teams, as a coaching trait of the Spanish expert. "What I like about his teams, such as now City, is the effort to get the ball back in possession as soon as possible. It's nice to see them do it.

It is a great thing, for me, when players of this quality are constantly active on the field and do not leave the ball to the rival. That's something every coach wants from his team. "

Simeone on favorite

Regardless of everything, the coach of Atletico does not leave the title of favorite to the Citizens.

"Both City and Atletico have very good, complete teams. With different characteristics, but with clear hierarchies. We all want to win and I am glad that we will play against Manchester. Both they and we are among the eight best teams in Europe, and there are no favorites," said Diego Simeone.

It is certain that a great match of two great coaches awaits us, but also two great clubs that have dominated the Champions League for many years. However, they never managed to reach the final goal, which is to win the Champions League trophy.

Maybe this year will be an ideal opportunity for that. It is the greatest wish of both coaches and what they lack in current clubs, although Guardiola has won Champions League trophies in other teams.

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