Everton in big trouble: Clubs have filed a lawsuit against them!

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Everton in big trouble: Clubs have filed a lawsuit against them!

Everton's status as one of the few Premier League clubs who has never been relegated could change by the end of May because they are in a more difficult situation, and that the problems are not only of a result nature can be seen through the financial collapse the club is facing.

Several Premier League clubs have launched an investigation to investigate finances for violating a number of regulations in the last two years. Last week, the club belatedly published a regular insight into finances for the 2020/21 competition, and the report made many wonder how Everton could have remained within strict financial norms, even though they reported a loss of almost 144,000,000 euros.

That Everton is really in the problem confirms that they have lost an incredible 445,000,000 European banknotes in the last three years! Even more worrying was the fact that Everton managed to "cover" only a part of the losses in the amount of 98,500,000 euros through papers, of which 80,000,000 euros for 2020, and another 18,000,000 euros for 2021.

year. Of those 98,000,000, as many as 26,000,000 came due to lack of revenue from ticket sales and other products on the day of the match, with another 10,500,000 euros from television rights, plus 21,500,000 euros due to commercial losses, and 40,500,000 euros because missing funds from transfers ...

Due to the bad situation in the coffers, Everton made an agreement with the Premier League last month to consult with each other in the coming period about bringing in new players and signing contracts so as not to further deepen the almost unprecedented crisis at Goodison Park.

It was this agreement that allegedly caused anger among some of the competitors in the Premier League, after which an investigation was immediately opened.

Everton loss

Namely, after the beginning of the corona virus pandemic, the Premier League introduced a rulebook according to which clubs are allowed to lose a maximum of 125,500,000 euros in a three-year period, although investments in stadiums and infrastructure, as well as women's football club and other socially useful projects exempt from calculation.

Even with that, Everton's minus for the same period is now THREE AND A HALF times higher than the allowed limit! That information forced several clubs to unite and consider all legal options, which is why there is now speculation that a lawsuit will be filed against Everton.

Caramel could have the fate of Derby, who is in the process of administration due to accumulated debts, and will be moved to the third league. Leading people from Middlesbrough and Wycombe, who entered the legal procedure against Derby, reacted then.

Everton was hit terribly by the corona virus pandemic, and only because of the restrictions that followed in the previous two years, the club is at a loss of over 200,000,000 euros, and only for the last year around 123,000,000 euros.

Let us remind you, Everton has spent over 300,000,000 euros on transfers since 2018 and has not made any significant results.