Ousmane Dembele on his way to Manchester

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Ousmane Dembele on his way to Manchester

Ousmane Dembele is the key to finishing Barça's transfer window! Negotiations with Manchester United, which have lasted for more than seven days, seem to have yielded serious results, and the two sides are quite close to an agreement today.

Recall, the idea of ​​Ronald Koeman is Memphis Depay from Lyon, and in order to get into a situation to create concrete ideas from fantasy, the Dutch expert must wait for the club's management to sell Dembele, provide money for compensation to the French club and free up significant space in the salary budget.

. And here is the good news coming to Koeman tonight. What is it? By feeling the pulse during the people from the top of the Catalan club, and during the conversation about various options and possibilities, at Old Trafford, they allegedly came to the conclusion that Ousmane Dembele would be available for only 50 to 60 million euros.

In that way, Barça would definitely admit that they made a big mistake by buying this winger, but at the same time, they would meet Koeman and enable him to fulfill his greatest wish. The Spaniards write that these are not the first contacts between Manchester and Barcelona on the topic of Dembele, but that they were conducted last summer, but then everything was stopped due to one of the strong injuries of the young Frenchman ...

Ousmane Dembele was paid to Borussia Dortmund an incredible 138,000,000 euros. For that reason, Barça endured it for a full three years, treated it and waited for it to finally work, but it seems that the Catalans have definitely lost their patience.

And the fact that the budget must be "broken" also pushed the decision to sell. At least as much as all those strong absences (191 days off the field in three years) and seven unpleasant muscle injuries. Therefore, we should expect that Manchester will try the offer in the mentioned region in the coming days.

Well, if the Spanish colleagues are to be believed, it will arrive soon - YES. In that case, Barcelona will remain in a net loss of almost 80,000,000 (not counting the salaries they paid to Dembele), while Manchester will get a winger massacred with injuries.

However, with a serious discount ...

And who did better there?

Some will say that Manchester went great because they got a fantastic wing that can play with both feet just like their young striker Mason Grenwood. Dembele was the greatest talent a few years ago, which is why it is not surprising that Barcelona gave him so much money.

If he avoids injuries and if he dedicates himself only to football, he could be one of the bigger reinforcements for United. Barcelona gains by getting rid of a player who simply had no luck in Barcelona and it was necessary for him to continue his career elsewhere.

Barcelona will not get the money they gave, but it will be very good for them to buy a new player, probably Memphis Depay. It can be said that both teams are winning