Pavel Nedved: "Juventus has clear ideas for the post-Paulo Dybala"

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Pavel Nedved: "Juventus has clear ideas for the post-Paulo Dybala"

After the defeat against Inter in the last daymatch of Italian Serie A, Juventus vice president Pavel Nedved talked about the future of the Piemontese club, which will separate with Paulo Dybala at the end of the year. He said: "The ideas are there and they are pretty clear.

We have an excellent player, but injured like Chiesa. Surely then we will all think together how to set up the attack. The decision not to renew has nothing to do with the Dybala player. He is always It was important and it will be for his next team too.

Dybala at Inter? I didn't ask myself this question. In fact, I'd avoid it. We are happy with how Paulo is behaving. As a professional." In his latest match against Inter with the Juventus shirt, Paulo Dybala was unable to hold back his tears.

The number 10 of Juventus, at the end of the 1-0 loss against Inter, went to pay homage to his fans visibly moved. Dybala greeted the supporters who have accompanied him for the past seven seasons. Then he did the same on Instagram through a very minimal post, which however represents the desire to give the maximum from now to the expiration of his contract, which will not be renewed, writing "Until the end," Juventus motto.

Massimiliano Allegri: "I had signed for Real Madrid, but I chose Juventus"

Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus manager, talked about his return to Turin during an interview with GQ Italia. He said: "I said it and I repeat it: this year I had already signed an agreement with Real Madrid.

Then in the morning I called the President and I told him that I would not go because I had chosen Juventus. He thanked me. Since Juventus called me in May I have had no doubts. These two years have been wonderful, the breaks can be full of positive things, it always depends on how you look at things.

You live situations that you had stopped living, because when you work at great levels you are like in a centrifuge and when you are in it you don't even notice it. I found a group of guys who are extremely available as well as technically good at Juventus.

They immediately made themselves available, with a great desire to work which is an element that this club transmits to you. I believe that Juve are rediscovering the sense of belonging. A wonderful surprise was Danilo. He is a champion, a very intelligent, responsible guy who always puts himself at the team's disposal.

We already know the Bonuccis and the Chiellini, but Danilo was truly a discovery. Vlahovic is a young boy, with little international experience, who however has quality, wants and can improve, and has plenty of time to do it.

In front of the door he has an absolute nastiness. Juventus made an important purchase: in the world he, Mbappé and Haaland are the strongest of their generation in circulation."