Ralf Rangnick was brutally honest after the defeat against Leicester

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Ralf Rangnick was brutally honest after the defeat against Leicester

They got used to the titles at the end of the last and the beginning of this century, but the titles have been bypassing Old Trafford for some time. Moreover, Manchester United will lead a great fight for a place in the Champions League at the end of the season, and the fans certainly expected more from Ralf Rangnick.

The head of the professional staff of the stumbled giant, who will take over the role of an advisor from the summer, points out that the selection of the champion team takes time, and United has not spent it the smartest in recent seasons.

That is why Rangnick says that he will need more time to form a team capable of fighting with Manchester City and Liverpool. The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho, and Rafael Varane did not even bring him closer to the leading English forces.

First of all, United will have to choose a new coach. Is it Erica Ten Hag, Mauricio Pochettino or someone else? And that is a million-dollar issue, according to the German strategist. "Both Manchester City and Liverpool were built and selected in a period of five to six years.

Both with a clear understanding of how the coach wants to play. I told the management that it had to be done. The new coach must be clear: how does he want to play and what kind of players does he need for such a game? Then we come to the DNA team, to speed, physics, pace.

What do we need? This team does not lack technique, but physics would be good for it ", says Rangnick. He finds an example in Saturday's draw with Leicester (1: 1), in which United left in seventh place in the Premier League table with three points behind the fourth position.

When Iheanacho scored the equalizing goal for Leicester, no one was tracking him. And there is a problem. In the minds of the players. "We don't lack character, but it is obvious that we lack physics at some moments. In 1vs1 duels.

We talked about one detail, a counterattack in which they won two duels in two seconds. The same thing happened in some other moments. Whenever there was physical contact - we were second. We have to be better here, and this season, even more so next year.


Manchester United players DNA

The only question is how? "There were many moments when we could have been more dynamic, stronger, and more aggressive, but we didn't. To be honest, there must be a few DNA players. It is difficult to challenge a technically great player to a physical duel, and we have a lot of technically savvy players.

It's not about thinking, it's in the player's gene, and it's hard to change. " Of course, football has long since ceased to be one in which you can have 11 masters, and none of them will run. You also need those persistence.

That is why Rangnick calls on the management to decide on a new coach as soon as possible and to provide reinforcements to his liking. "It's not nuclear science. That must be done. It doesn’t have to last three or four years. Maybe in two or three transfer periods, the situation could be different," Rangnik said optimistically.