Pep Guardiola on the match vs Atletico: I won't spend a second on that stupid debate

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Pep Guardiola on the match vs Atletico: I won't spend a second on that stupid debate

When Pep Guardiola's team runs to the Etihad Stadium tomorrow, they will have to be ready for everything. And someone may not like it, but the head of the Manchester City professional staff only knows that his players will have to adjust to Atletico Madrid's style of play.

Guardiola also points out that Atletico is not as defensive at all as the average fan thinks, and he just waves his hand at stories about "ugly football" of Madrid. Because football is not played for beauty, but for results.

"I do not want to judge what they are doing. I'm just going to analyze them to get a good result. What does ugly football mean? When we won at Old Trafford with 1: 0, Bernardo Silva kept the ball in the corner for the last five minutes.

It's not ugly. It is the preservation of results. After all, I'm here to talk about what we're going to try to do, I'm not going to judge opponents. They do what they have to do to win. I won't spend a second on that stupid debate.

Everyone is trying to win, whoever does that is right", Guardiola will categorically say. A bit nervous, because too often Atletico Madrid is talked about as a team that only knows how to hit "People have a misconception about the way Atletico plays.

They are much more offensive than you think… They just avoid the risk of building an attack from the center." "But they are incredibly aggressive when they go for the ball. They know exactly how to play in the opposing half of the field.

They are really good in those situations.

Guardiola on Atletico Madrid

"They have quality ahead. The champions of Spain have most often won the Champions League in the last 20 years. And Atletico is the champion of Spain. I admire their perseverance.

They were twice ahead of Barcelona and Real. They played in the Champions League final twice, one lost after a goal conceded in the referee's compensation, the other on penalties. They know how to play this competition ", Guardiola is careful.

However, Bernardo Silva reveals that they know in Manchester that Atletico is not the essence of football. "Honestly, I don't know what to expect. We don't know if they will press us high or they will wait for us low, but we know that they will be aggressive and will not give us space. It will be tight, it will not be an open match. We certainly do not expect that. "

Pep Guardiola