Mohamed Salah willing to compromise: He will accept a lower salary

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Mohamed Salah willing to compromise: He will accept a lower salary
Mohamed Salah willing to compromise: He will accept a lower salary (Provided by Sport World News)

British media write that the Egyptian is close to changing his mind and giving up the original request Liverpool fans can sleep more peacefully, Mohamed Salah tends to stay at the club. At least this morning, the British media write that they point out that the Egyptian football player is ready to make a compromise in order to continue his career at Anfield.

According to the information from Britain, Salah is ready to give up the request for a weekly salary of around 600,000 euros, which would put him in line with Cristiano Ronaldo on the list of the highest-paid players in the Premier League.

Recall, by far the top scorer in the Premier League this season in December last year refused to extend his contract worth just under 500,000 euros a week - currently earns twice less - because he wanted Liverpool to show him respect as one of the best footballers in the world and to appreciate what he has done.

"The thing is, you ask for something, and they show you that they can give you something because they appreciate what you did for the club. I've been here for five years." "I know the club well. I love the fans, they love me.

But I informed the management of my demands, it is up to them now. I want to stay, but the situation is not in my hands. It is in theirs. They know what I want, I am not looking for crazy things, "Salah said in early 2022.

Mohamed Salah contract

They are now writing in Britain that he could change his mind and make a compromise with the leaders of Liverpool for the sake of staying in the club where he experienced a flourishing career.

Apparently, he is preparing to lower the requests, although it is not stated by how much, which would lead to signing for an additional four years instead of three more. So, in case he really decides to stay, he will give his career, or at least her best years, to the Reds.

Therefore, they will have to resolve the issue of Salah's fate at Anfield as soon as possible, because they do not have much time left until the summer. Then the fast winger will enter the last year of the contract and the leaders of Liverpool will find themselves at a crossroads - whether to cash in on his status in the world of football or release him without compensation in a year.