Mario Balotelli: If I played, Italy would have better chances against Macedonia


Mario Balotelli: If I played, Italy would have better chances against Macedonia

The striker is disappointed with the failure, but he does not hesitate to support the coach The main sensation of qualifying for the World Cup turned out to be the elimination of Italy by Macedonia, and stumbling Azzuri is a current topic for days, although in the meantime the dream of the executioner of Mancini's company is finished.

Northern Macedonia could not match the Portuguese, who were more specific from the start of the match, had a greater desire and in the end deservedly won 2-0 with goals from the phenomenal Bruno Fernandes, who showed in Macheste United how good a player he is.

Unfortunately, the Macedonians will watch the World Cup at home, but they must be congratulated on their courage The defeat from Macedonia was hard for the football fans on the Apennine Peninsula, and Mario Balotelli also spoke about the slap that Alexander Trajkovski hit the Azzuri at the end of the match.

The eccentric striker, who was absent from the list of Roberto Mancini, referred to the failure of Italy, referring to the decision of the coach not to send him an invitation. "The issue of player selection should not be a topic now.

The World Cup is in December and if we had qualified, there would have been an opportunity for me to go there. I was hoping to fight for a call by then. I lost a great chance," said Adana striker.

Balotelli on Italy

However, Balotelli does not think that with him in the team, Italy would have a guarantee of success against Macedonia.

"I'm doing well in front of the rival's goal, but that doesn't mean we would have won for sure if I had been in the team. Of course, we would have had a good chance of scoring." The shock of the elimination caught everyone in the Apennines, and Balotelli revealed that he did not hear from coach Mancini after that match.

"I haven't heard from him, but I am very happy that he remains the coach. I love him. People are disappointed and sad, but I can't forget that he made a team capable of winning the European Championship. However, the failure in the qualifications for Qatar is unexpected." said Balotelli.

The Italians will miss the biggest competition after winning the EURO, and that is certainly a big shock for the world of football. It is this fact that is an indicator of how unpredictable football is and how dangerous all teams are.

The World Cup will be the best indicator of what today's football is, and how small teams can disrupt the goals of the big ones. But let's wait until then.