Will Alaba leave Bayern or extend his contract?

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Will Alaba leave Bayern or extend his contract?

There are seven days left until the end of the transfer period in Europe. In Munich, in addition to hiring a reserve right back, the main topic is the status of David Alaba. According to Kicker, the management of Bayern has decided that the sale of the Austrian national team player in case he does not extend his contract in the next few days would be too big a loss, and therefore a risk - especially after the departure of Thiago Alcantara - which means that could go without compensation.

"The front is getting wider. Bayern will not improve the offer already made to Alaba's agents, because the people from the management of the Bavarian club are seriously tired of the hard negotiations. Since no offer for David Alaba has arrived in Munich, and the continuation of cooperation is currently in question.

"Leaving next summer without compensation is slowly becoming a reality,", written in the text of the German newspaper. The reports differ on how much the Bavarians offer and how much the Alaba representatives are asking for.

However, everyone agrees on one thing: Bayern wants Alaba and Alaba wants to stay at Bayern. Karl Heinz Rummenigge repeated this several times, trying to spread between the lines that the problem is in the commissions that the agents want for themselves.

After all, at one point, Pinhas Zahavi addressed the management of Bayern and told them that he could finish everything for "trivial" 20,000,000 euros.

The highest paid player

According to some sources, Alabina's representatives are trying to make him the highest paid player of the club from Munich.

According to others, they would be satisfied with the equalization with Lewandowski, Neuer and Muller (that is a salary of about 20,000,000 per year). And according to the third, Bayern is creating a problem because it wants to keep the Austrian at the current 15,000,000.

Which is a pretty unrealistic plan ... The fact that there are no offers for the best universal in Europe should come as no surprise. In the previous days, it was mentioned that Bayern would not let him go without 60,000,000 euros (which is a crazy figure for a player in the last ten months of the contract), and now it is becoming certain that Bayern will keep him at any cost.

What does the European champion gain in that case, and what does he lose next year? That is a topic for another occasion, when the decision is officially announced. For now, we can only prejudge, take a look at the future and conclude that David Alaba would definitely be among the most sought-after free goods next summer.

It is certain that everyone in the team would want such a player who already has vast experience and who is one of the best players in his position. In January, we could find out the future of David Alaba