Van Gaal to Eric Ten Haag: Don't go to Manchester United, they are a commercial club

"Eric ten Haag is a great coach and that would be a good choice for Manchester United"

by Sead Dedovic
Van Gaal to Eric Ten Haag: Don't go to Manchester United, they are a commercial club

It has been almost six years since Manchester United thanked Louis van Gaal, but the Dutch strategist can not digest the dismissal and the showing of the exit door of Old Trafford. That wound has not healed yet, it eats Van Gaal even in the days when the controversial expert with the Dutch achieves excellent results.

Whenever he gets a chance to kick the Red Devils - he does it Van Gaal's manner was never to be silent and keep his mouth shut, he was always open to the limit. A man without a hair on his tongue, he does not hesitate to hit people from the world of football and clubs.

He has a pick on Manchester United. He called out the successors because of the bad game and bad results, he did not hesitate to admit that the FA Cup was his greatest success and to point out how he won it with a noose around his neck.

And now, even though he was thousands of miles away, he could ruin the plans of the people of Old Trafford. They don't call Old Trafford The Theatre of Dreams by chance, the wish of almost all great coaches is to try themselves on the bench of a world brand, a three-time Champions League winner, a team with 20 national titles.

The Dutchman is ready to move to a higher level and move from Amsterdam to Manchester in the summer. But Louis van Gaal does not think that would be a good move and warns his compatriot about what kind of club United has transformed into.

"Eric ten Haag is a great coach and that would be a good choice for Manchester United. But Manchester United is a commercial club, it is difficult for coaches. It is better for him to go to the football environment ", said Van Gaal and added: "I will not advise him, he will call me if he wants.

But he has to choose a football club, not a commercial one. "

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Whatever you think of Van Gaal's work at Old Trafford - and there were plenty of bad moves - it's hard to resist the impression that he hit the center.

In recent years, United has been swallowing players and coaches like a black hole. Football players are allowed to rise above the club and behave arrogantly, when bringing players, it has become an important marketing potential, if not more important than the qualities themselves.

And it is no surprise, considering everything, that Manchester United won the last trophies during Mourinho's mandate. They have been without the FA Cup since Van Gaal's stay at Old Trafford. In the summer, the Red Devils will start from scratch for who knows how many times since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

They will start a new reconstruction, and until then they are trying to solve the issue of the coach. Eric ten Haag is an option for a managerial position, but he is not the only one. They are changing their minds at Manchester United between the Dutchman, Mauricio Pochettino, Luis Enrique, and Julien Lopetegui.

And while they are weighing who is the best option, Louis van Gaal is undermining them and trying to shorten their list.

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