Joan Laporta: "Barcelona will not buy Haaland and Mbappé"

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Joan Laporta: "Barcelona will not buy Haaland and Mbappé"

Barcelona chairman Joan Laporta, interviewed by Mundo Deportivo, talked about Earling Haaland and Kylian Mbappé. He said: "I will not talk about players specifically but I can tell you that we will not carry out any operation that puts the club at risk.

It has been a maxim that we have followed since I returned as president, it has happened to us in various circumstances and we will continue with this philosophy and this criterion. Most of the players want to come to Barça, they like the club, the team, our philosophy, our way of working, of understanding football.

This is good. We will not lose our heads; after a 0- 4, that Mbappé is approached to Barcelona is only part of the football show business, I have nothing to say about it.
We prioritize the team above all else. I am not going to talk about players, because if I do that the only thing I can do is harm the interests of our club.

If we talk about a player and we were going to sign him, we would increase the price. What we want to strengthen is the team we have that plays on the basis of a true Barça system. We are working so that the salary cap we have, which according to La Liga is significantly negative, reverses it to incorporate players who strengthen the team."

Meanwhile, Real Madrid star Eden Hazard will undergo new surgery

The club announced that Hazard will undergo new surgery to remove plaque in his right fibula in the next few days, which was operated on in March 2020 in Dallas.

The Real Madrid player will be out for 4-5 weeks. The club, in a press release, said: "Our player Eden Hazard will undergo surgery in the next few days to remove the osteosynthesis plate on his right fibula."
According to Marca, Hazard would have wanted to have surgery a year ago, but Real Madrid opposed the decision, not considering it the best choice at that precise moment.

Considered one of the strongest Belgian players ever, he made his debut with Lille, with whom he won a Ligue 1 and a Coupe de France (both in 2011). He moved to Chelsea in 2012, where he spent seven seasons winning two Premier Leagues (2015 and 2017), one FA Cup (2018), one Football League Cup (2015) and two UEFA Europa Leagues (2013 and 2019). In 2019 he moved to Real Madrid, with whom he won the Spanish league in the first year (2020).