Barcelona surprised many and went for Kylian Mbappe!


Barcelona surprised many and went for Kylian Mbappe!
Barcelona surprised many and went for Kylian Mbappe!

Barcelona is alive, they are not dead! They started playing better when no one expected it. Barca demolished Real Madrid in the middle of the capital in El Clásico (4: 0), but they don't stop there. They want to inflict another heavy defeat on his biggest rival, just off the field.

The famous newspaper L'Equipe came out today with exclusive information: Barcelona went hunting for Kylian Mbappe. The French national team player, one of the best football players in the world, was "already seen" at Real, he even dared to write and initialed a contract, just waiting for everything to be made public.

But that never happened. They seem to have some other information in Barcelona and have decided to cast a hook towards Mbappe. There is logic: the Catalans will most likely stay in the summer without Ousmane Dembele, so there is room in the team.

Although, Kylian is such a player that there is always room for him everywhere ... With the departure of Dembele, there will be space in the budget as well. Maybe not as much as Mbappe would ask, but enough for the club's management to engage in financial gymnastics.

Secondly, the leaders of Barcelona estimated that it would be more profitable for them to bring Kylian Mbappe than Erling Haaland. The math is clear at the start: the French striker's contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires in the summer and the compensation for him will be zero euros.

While for the Norwegian, 75,000,000 euros should be set aside at the start. Mbappe will demand a large salary, perhaps the highest in the world of football, but the whole package deal for Haaland, with the commission for agent Mino Raiola, who is asking for another 75,000,000 euros just for himself, is not much cheaper.

After all, the question is who is better, who would be more valuable to Barcelona.


Bringing Mbappe would have a huge marketing effect, especially since they would "steal" him from Real's nose. But also on the field, playing, the impression is that the Catalan giant would be better off with a fast-footed French goal scorer than a corpulent Norwegian.

The way Barcelona beat Real in the derby, Marca comments, could also be an argument that would push Mbappe towards Catalonia. There is a lot of money in the game, but the key trump card that will determine which Frenchman will take which side is the one where he has a better chance of winning the Champions League trophy.

He realized that much more water would flow through the Seine until Paris Saint-Germain became serious about hunting for the trophy with big ears. Real, whatever it is, is always a candidate for the European title. Barcelona under Xavi acts as a team with the greatest perspective and potential in the whole of Europe ...

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