Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I will retire when I see that there is someone better than me

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I will retire when I see that there is someone better than me

Queen's famous song is called "The Show Must Go On", and these words are perfect for Zlatan Ibrahimovic's decision to continue his football career! As injuries increasingly separate him from the field, his further participation in football activities was rightly questioned, but Zlatan would not be what he is if he did not shut everyone's mouth in his own way and said: "I'm not going anywhere."

After all, he responded to speculations about a possible retirement this summer by saying that "he has never seen anyone better than him" "That's why I'm staying to play. I'm not making plans, and I certainly won't retire and later regret it.

"There is more that needs to be written," said the 40-year-old Swedish ace. Regardless of what he says, Zlatan has long been closer to retirement than the beginning of his career, which is why the question arises - when will he hang his football boots on a peg? "When I see someone better than me.

I know that one day I will not have that adrenaline that is pulling me now. But, that is a problem that exists with every football player. We are programmed in one way and we do not know how to do anything other than football.

After 20 years of continuous work, the level of adrenaline must fall. And when it falls, it's a sign that you have to start something new, all over again. "

Ibrahimovic and AC Milan

In recent years, in the football world, Ibrahimović has become, along with Cristiano Ronaldo, a synonym for a player who takes maximum care of his body, which is why he managed to extend his career until his fifth decade of life.

"No matter what happens to me, I will always stay the same. Whether someone liked it or not, I will not change. I play with a lot of emotion for Milan because it is a club that gave me the opportunity to feel the happiness of playing in the Champions League again The man, who turns 41 this season in October, spent just over 1,000 minutes on the field.

Problems with the knee, and most of all with the Achilles tendon due to which he is suffering, have already stopped him to play 16 games in all competitions. He returned to the field in March but played mostly in the last few minutes in minimal victories over Napoli, Empoli, and Cagliari.

Now he is on his way to win the Scudetto with the Rossoneri and return to the elite competition in the fall. Zlatan also gave good advice to young football players ... "It's easiest to tell children to believe in themselves, but it's much harder to really do it (believe in yourself).

In order to succeed in that, you have to surround yourself with positive people because the negative ones don't want to see your success. "