Pedri provokes Real Madrid: You rejected me, watch me now

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Pedri provokes Real Madrid: You rejected me, watch me now

The victory in El Clásico healed the wounds and fed the soul of the young Spanish midfielder Barcelona must not be written off even when they seem clinically dead. They breathed under Xavi, knocked out Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, and again with its appearance they started to instill fear in the bones of rivals.

The Catalan club is in the process of recovery, it is far from the green branch, but even when its future is on shaky ground, it is capable of packing poker goals into the opponent's nets. Four arrows hit Madrid's heart, and the fifth one arrived, too late, after the end of El Clásico.

He was fired by Pedri, he reminded some people from Real Madrid that they had him, but that they did not recognize his talent.
Pedri's first victory in El Clásico and the nose of the "expert" who assessed that he was not good enough for Real Madrid.

The central midfielder dreamed of this moment since that rehearsal and the slammed door, and he waited for his five minutes. "I went there and I didn't train for the first few days because of the snow on the fields.

They played once, they pushed me to show myself in the B team, and in the end they told me that I was not at a sufficient level to stay, but that they would continue to follow me." "Now I am where I want to be," Pedri told the Spanish media at the representative gathering and recalled some more details from the rehearsal at Real Madrid: "First of all, you don't like being rejected anywhere, but that serves as a motivation for you to continue working because something else will pop up in the future.

I don't remember who turned me down, but if I saw him, I would just tell him that I am enjoying Barcelona now. "

El Clasico

Barcelona's guy is enchanted with the release clause of 1,000,000,000 euros in the atmosphere in the Madrid football temple.

He spent the match at the Santiago Bernabeu several times. "Playing at the Bernabeu is spectacular. And more than that when you achieve a result like this. I watched the match twice - the first time while living those moments on the field, and the second time after the match.

The view changes when I watch it on television. " Pedri and his teammates celebrated the Blaugrana's first victory in El Clásico after three years, which was condemned by the Spanish public ... "On the one hand, I don't understand, but on the other hand, I don't really understand. When you beat a direct rival, you will celebrate it the way we did, because you feel great joy. "