Juventus management 'suspicious' again: Contracts with Ronaldo destroyed?

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Juventus management 'suspicious' again: Contracts with Ronaldo destroyed?

The world can change as much as it wants, Uefa can invent new rules, various crises, economic and other, can occur, but Juventus will always be Juventus. Powerful and suspicious, because of that power embodied in the Agnelli family, the Old Lady of Turin did not shy away from dishonorable actions.

At the end of the last and the beginning of this century, they did not hesitate to appoint and replace referees, today Andrea Agnelli does not pay too much attention to financial fair play and all other rules that as a company listed on the Italian stock exchange should respect.

These days, new investigations regarding Juventus' business and finances are in question. And the problem is not that Juve has no money. On the contrary, they have a lot, but financial flows are hidden. So now it is suspected that Juventus secretly paid the players and even that the club's management destroyed certain contracts it had signed with Cristiano Ronaldo.

This contract is now popularly called VIP, after the abbreviation for Very Important Person. A very interesting paper is the one that the prosecutors are looking for. Why? Because they have an intercepted conversation between the legal advisor Cesar Gabassi and the sports director Federico Cherubini.

Cherubin is otherwise considered to be a man who has information about everything, but he himself is not under investigation.


Anyway, five days after Juve adopted the financial report for last year, Gabasio calls Cherubini ...

"I spoke to the president this morning. I told him: I would not go so far as to sue them. I'm just going to explain why that paper is there, that famous paper. Theoretically, it shouldn't exist ... So, you know, if it turns out we have it ...

everything about the financial report, the auditor, everything ... maybe then we should make a fake transaction. " Prosecutors believe that this is a paper that proves that Juve paid Ronaldo beyond what is recorded in the books, that they had a practice of keeping certain documents out of offices in order to destroy them as soon as they served their purpose, and that this is exactly what happened with this " very important paper ”.

He would reportedly prove Juventus guilty. And why did Juve do all this? Just to bypass the rules of financial fair play and fictitiously show that in the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 seasons, they operated in the black and reduced its debt.

Everything so that they could continue to spend. After all, even when the Old Lady swapped Miralem Pjanić for Arthur with Barcelona, ​​everyone knew that it was just a screen for ironing financial books.