Paulo Dybala refuses to extend his contract with Juventus!

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Paulo Dybala refuses to extend his contract with Juventus!

The management of the Turin club changed the conditions, which the Argentine did not like at all Lost! Paulo Dybala rejected the offer to extend his contract with Juventus, according to numerous Italian media. The last round of negotiations didn't bring anything good, and as things stand now, the Argentine will leave the club as a free agent in the summer.

Allegedly, the management of the Turin club significantly changed the terms of the contract offered in October. The offer at the time was 10,000,000 euros per season, of which 8,000,000 would be fixed, and cooperation for four and a half years, which Dybala was very close to signing.

However, the leaders of Juventus changed the board, lowered the fixed part to 7,000,000 euros - so that with bonuses the figure would also amount to 10,000,000 euros - and add to that also reduced the length of the contract by a year and a half, to three.

Paulo Dybala did not want to agree to those conditions, which he announced at today's meeting in the company of his agent Jorge Antun to the vice-president of the club, Pavel Nedved, in the premises of Juventus' training center.

On the other hand, the Turin club will not give in either, which means that in case the situation does not improve in the next three months, the Argentine would leave Juventus after seven years. This outcome was hinted at after Massimiliano Allegri responded to the request of the team on whose behalf Dybala spoke on Friday afternoon that they would like a few hours of extra rest before training, just two days after Villarreal humiliated them in the middle of Turin.

Allegri on Dybala

Allegri did not sound any more optimistic even after yesterday's victory over Salernitana when journalists asked him if he would comment on the situation around Dybala's contract. "I don't know if Paulo Dybala will be a Juventus player next season.

It depends on the club, and I agree with the management. The contracts also emphasize De Sciglio, Bernardeschi, Quadrado - it's not just about Dybala," said Allegri. The answer was not long in coming and he was - negative.

So, at this moment, Dybala's future is not in Turin. Where it could be speculated quite shyly. Allegedly, Beppe Marotta would like to see him at Inter, while sources from Italy claim that the 28-year-old Argentine has already received two offers richer than Juventus. Juventus will have to find a replacement for the great Argentine