Oliver Kahn angry: Why so many stories about Lewandowski?

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Oliver Kahn angry: Why so many stories about Lewandowski?

A stormy summer transfer window is being prepared across Europe, and the focus will be on the pursuit of attackers. Mbappe, Haaland, Nunez, and among them there is a story that Lewandowski could look for a new club. Western media write that the Bayern goal scorer is dissatisfied in Munich, the negotiations on the contract extension are not going as he imagined, so he is ready to listen to some other offers.

All this irritates Bayern general manager Oliver Kahn, once a legendary goalkeeper, who said in a short interview with ZDF that he does not understand why there is so much noise in the public about the status of the owner of the Golden Ball.

"I do not really understand the excitement about it. Lewandowski, like Muller and Neuer, has a contract with Bayern for the next season. We always said that we would sit down and talk to all three of us, that it was our priority.

"Nothing has changed," said Kahn. When it comes to the Pole ... "I don't see any reason why Robert should leave Bayern. In terms of competition, there is everything here. Lewandowski was declared the best football player in the world and he won everything he won here, in Bayern.

The players know what they can get while they are with us "

Kahn on negotiations

Kahn stressed that negotiations are a multi-stage process. "I do not know who comes up with the idea that we are indecisive. Some things can't be solved overnight.

The players have their expectations, so we have to talk, to bring our positions closer. For that, we need several meetings, not just one. And now we are in the crucial part of the season when every millimeter counts "

The media write that Kahn was in Monaco in the previous days, where he met with agent Mina Raiola. And immediately there was speculation that Bayern is interested in Erling Haaland, as well as Ryan Gravenberch. "It is true that I was in Monaco.

As in London a week earlier. I traveled half of Europe. It is normal for me to meet with players' representatives, but it is also normal for me not to reveal to the media what was the topic of those conversations. "I never talk about footballers from other clubs," Kahn underlined.

Bayern Munich could be active this summer. There are a lot of good players in the spotlight, and we’ll see if they can really outperform their competitors