Paulo Dybala had a request; Max Allegri surprised him with an answer

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Paulo Dybala had a request; Max Allegri surprised him with an answer

The Juventus coach did not like the player's request to allow them a few extra free hours, and he especially did not like which player wanted it At one point it seemed like a formality, more - it didn't. A huge question mark hangs over the fate of Paulo Dybala.

The Argentine footballer fails to agree with the management of Juventus on the extension of the contract, and instead of things getting better over time, relations between the two sides are deteriorating. At the beginning of the season, the renewal of the contract was a "resolved matter", but due to Dybala's frequent injuries, the management changed the conditions and there has been no progress for several months.

A new round of negotiations was scheduled for next Monday so that the two sides could finally try to find a common language, but eta Gazeta Delo Sport writes this morning that on Friday there was a spark between Massimiliano Allegri and Paulo Dybala.

What exactly happened? Namely, Juan Quadrado and Paulo Dybala, currently the captain and his deputy, went to Allegri's office yesterday to inquire about the plan and program before tomorrow's match with Salernitana.


One part of the team allegedly wanted a few free hours before today's training, which is why two South Americans, in the absence of two real leaders, the injured Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini, made a request to the coach on behalf of the team.

Many will say, an inappropriate request from the team that Villarreal humiliated in Turin three days ago… Quite unexpectedly, Allegri did not like the idea at all, especially since it came from Dybala. "Of all the people, are you the one to ask for something like that?" Allegri allegedly asked the Argentine.

Constant injuries, uncertainty about the contract extension, the third consecutive elimination in the eighth-finals of the Champions League… Frustration has accumulated in the ranks of the Italian giant during the gloomy season.

It had to explode somewhere once. And it broke over Dybala's back. In a way, maybe unexpectedly, because Dybala played the best football in Allegri's first term in Turin and was one of his favorites. Looks like he's not anymore.

Or only the passions did not subside after the defeat of Villarreal. It remains to be seen whether and how much this conflict will affect the upcoming negotiations. One thing is for sure, the tension in the government in Turin is due to the weak season and the uncertainty about Dybala's fate. This and this kind of conversation will not help her in any way.