Erling Haaland will come in a package for 335 million euros!

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Erling Haaland will come in a package for 335 million euros!

Where's Erling Haaland going? Who will win the race for one of the most wanted football players today? As summer approaches, this issue is obsessing football fans, because experts estimate that the Norwegian, along with Kylian Mbappe, will mark the next fifteen years on the biggest stage.

So, the thing is clear - whoever comes to Erling Haaland will do a gigantic job and establish himself as a club with the highest ambitions for a long period. While there is no need to waste words on the marketing effect. Erling Haaland himself and the people around him are aware of all this, that is, what worries about his career.

With all that in mind - of course, the performance of the giant goal scorer in his career so far - there is not the slightest doubt that the transfer package of the Dortmund superstar will be one of the greatest in history of the sport.

We are not talking here exclusively about the compensation that Borussia will receive - because it is well known that it will not reflect Erling Haaland's true value - but about the whole job, or the entire amount of money that will be allocated at various levels and for different people who should do it.

Erling Haaland is counting the last weeks in Westphalia, no one doubts that anymore. There was a minimal possibility that he would stay in the yellow jersey for another 12 months, but the leaders of Dortmund no longer believe in such a development.

Manchester City and Real Madrid are allegedly in the narrowest circle of favorites to bring him, while the figures that we will write about and that follow push Barcelona and Bayern and the second plan. Admittedly for different reasons.

Barça does not seem financially potent enough to push the whole story, although they are slowly getting on its feet in every sense, while experts on the Munich club claim that the Bavarians will not "break the coffers", especially if Robert Lewandowski initials a new contract in the coming weeks.

In any case, whoever embarks on a great mission will have to go "across the border of pain", claims the German Bild, because the entire package will cost over 355,000,000 euros! The largest part of this figure falls on Erling Haaland's salary, which will amount to around 40,000,000 euros at the gross level.

Assuming that the contract will be for five years, it means that his new club will have to pay 200,000,000 euros.

Release clause

Everything is already known about compensation, ie the exit clause. It will basically amount to 75,000,000 euros, but it could grow to 85,000,000 in the case of Erling Haaland's good performance in the first season at the new club.

There will be a serious amount of bonuses as well. His father Alf Inge should collect 30,000,000, because his influence will largely depend on where he continues his career. Having in mind that the former midfielder played for Manchester City, many give the Citizens the best chances in this race ...

And Mino Raiola wonders. And as you ask, so he set even bigger bonuses for himself. He will charge 40,000,000 to the account of the consulting commission and the buyer, and an additional 10,000,000 from Borussia. So when you add it all up ... Only Neymar's one, when he moved from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, may be more expensive than this package.