Dani Alves: Leo Messi will be back in the summer

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Dani Alves: Leo Messi will be back in the summer

"I want us to enjoy a little more together on the field," said the Brazilian The music for the ears of Barcelona fans, who have not yet seen Messi's departure from the club, was played by Dani Alves. And to the board.

In the days when there were speculations that Messi's father contacted the leaders of Barcelona with the question "are there conditions for Lionel to return to the Nou Camp in the summer", Alves poured gasoline on the fire, ie the story, through an interview for ESPN.

The Brazilian not only thinks that there is a chance that Messi will return, but he believes that it will happen in July. "In my opinion, Messi does not enjoy PSG, because Leo is the one who makes games special, and he does it when he feels good, comfortable when he enjoys on the field.

And when Messi enjoys, then everyone who is on the field with him also enjoys ", Alves began the story. And he continued to lead the story of the return of the Argentine genius. "In my opinion, Messi does not feel at home in Paris.

His home is here. Leo lived in the most beautiful place in the world, in Barcelona, ​​and there he did what he knows and loves best. I want him to come back, to play together again, to enjoy at least a little more together on the field.


Dani Alves recalls

Dani Alves recalled what Messi once told him. "Leo always told me: Where can you go and be better than here? I checked and he is right - nowhere is better than here. And when he was leaving, I sent him a message with that sentence that he told me.

For some reason he is not here now, and I hope he will return. And I hope that when that happens, that I will be here, that we will enjoy a little more together. Everyone who left Barcelona - regretted it. Some will not admit it, because they do not like to admit that they are at a loss, but everyone who left realized that nowhere is better than here," Dani Alves underlined.

After the salvo of whistles he received from PSG fans, the option of Messi's return home is becoming more and more realistic. It would be interesting to watch Dani Alves and Leo Messi on the field again, while they would be led on the bench by former teammate Xavi. That would take us back to the days when Barcelona was number one