Arrivabene: "Dybala renewal? Nothing is decided"

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Arrivabene: "Dybala renewal? Nothing is decided"

Maurizio Arrivabene, Juventus CEO, spoke about Paulo Dybala's future during an interview with Corriere dello Sport. He said: "Dybala renewal? Nothing is decided, it depends on how it will look. We had an agreement with Dybala for the renewal in the autumn.

Then things changed. Last winter there was a capital increase from 400 million: it was used to adjust the accounts, not for the market, in addition we waited for the half-yearly report. Consequently, new evaluations were necessary which can be summarized in the four parameters.

economic value attributable to the individual player. If a discount is ready? Let's see how Paulo presents himself. We have chosen to postpone the match simply because the coach wanted to level the team: we had the game in front of us of Genoa and the return of the Champions League.

On the day of the last contact with the agent, I do not remember the exact date, but it was mid-December, to the question can we be free ?, I answered yes, but only because I could not close the operation and at that precise moment.

It was an act of extreme honesty. Cristiano Ronaldo? Seeing him on the pitch in the first days of his retreat, motivated and on track, I thought he would stay. Later he manifested a different will and we all know how it went.

Vlahovic and Zakaria are signings made for this season, but above all for the next one: the acceleration in January has clear reasons. There were movements around Dusan, in particular of foreign clubs. We considered that if we had pushed until June we would probably not have competitive results in a hypothetical auction.

We checked if there were the conditions to take him immediately and we have the plan in Agnelli and immediately afterwards to the Board of Directors, which authorized it. Establishing rules is essential but balance is needed: the rules must allow us to equip ourselves, not condemn them to disappear from one day to the next.

Furthermore, there cannot be European rules and local rules: they need to be harmonized. The Formula 1 budget cap was introduced after lengthy team principal meetings held weekly over two months. The goal of this season was the passage to the second round and the Champions place for the next one.

Having reached the first, we proceeded game after game. The exit was absolutely unpleasant, but it doesn't change our plans one iota. The company is focused on a three-year project, in which the financial aspect must coexist with the sports one.

Agnelli a little distracted by the Super League? Not at all, it is very present in everyday life. The Super League is a topic that cannot be abandoned, we are informed by him on all the steps. "