Manchester United, Arsenal and Newcastle interested in Moussa Diaby

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Manchester United, Arsenal and Newcastle interested in Moussa Diaby

Last season, he made Leverkusen's dynamic duo with Leon Bailey, the Jamaican went to Aston Villa for 32,000,000 last summer, and Moussa Diaby could follow in similar footsteps for almost twice as much money. The second scorer of the Pharmacist enjoys great interest from Premier League clubs, above all Arsenal, Manchester United and Newcastle, and since Diaby does not have a buyout clause in his contract, the Bundesliga member has already set the price - 60,000,000.

That is four times more money than the compensation that Leverkusen paid to Paris Saint-Germain on July 1, 2019, and 15,000,000 less than the market value determined by the specialized Transfermarkt. It seems that the Parisians gave up too easily, that is, for little money, the guy who delivered 16 goals in all competitions this season, 12 of them in the Bundesliga.

Two and a half years ago, the thinking went in the direction of playing the untouchable Neymar in the position of left-wing striker, the other option was Julian Draxler, but it is impossible that today the sports sector of the giant from Prince's Park does not regret it.

Moussa Diaby stats

He is a native of Paris who scores and sets goals almost equally well. This can be seen in the performance of 115 matches since arriving at the Bay Arena - he shook the nets of the rival on 34 occasions, and his teammates scored 32 goals after his assists.

One of the biggest pluses in his game is the ability to instill fear in rivals on the right side as well, not just on the left, which is in a way more natural to him. The numbers that the young Frenchman has made this season in relation to the previous one are credibly reflected in the numbers.

In the past, he scored four and scored 12 goals in 32 league matches, and currently, after 24 matches in the Bundesliga, he already has 12 goals and seven assists. He was also on the list of the French national team, which was published during the day by Didier Deschamps, under whose coaching staff he has four appearances for the Tricolors, in whose jersey the debut is still waiting.

Maybe the information from the well-informed German media Sport 1 is looking for him and United seems a bit illogical since they brought Jaydon Sancho this summer, but don't forget that this is a guy who is equally deadly on the right side, and the big question is when and if the Red Devils will welcome the return of Mason Greenwood, a super-talented right-wing man accused of abuse.