Cristiano Ronaldo will stay at Manchester United!

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Cristiano Ronaldo will stay at Manchester United!

Once again, the season is full of turbulence at Old Trafford, followed by rumors of conflicts, ie dissatisfaction with the locker room, that Manchester United players cannot stand manager Ralf Rangnick and that an exodus is being prepared at the end of the season.

Led by Cristiano Ronaldo. However, although the Red Devils have dropped out of the Champions League from Atletico Madrid, the winds have suddenly changed and some new news is now arriving from Manchester. According to the Spanish AS, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to stay at United next season, to work for the second year from his contract.

The Portuguese allegedly received assurances from the club's leader that they will bring a quality coach for next season, because Ralf Rangnick will move to the club's management, where he will conduct affairs in the sports sector.

The first pick for the new head coach of United is Eric ten Haag, the coach of Ajax, who has been on the wish list of the Red Devils for a long time, but he has not left Amsterdam so far. But even here, it seems, things have changed.

Ten Hag recently said that he still enjoys working among the Spearmen, however, that it is very hard to start from the beginning every season after the sale of several players.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Ten Hag

After the relegation of Ajax from Benfica in the eighth finals of the Champions League, everything smells like there will be space for a "match" between Ten Hag and Manchester United, to try to help each other.

Ronaldo decided to wait for the election of the club's management, to see who will be the next first coach of the team, however, it will be enough for him to see Rangnick's back, to move to the ceremonial box from the locker room, and stay at the Old Trafford.

To continue dreaming of at least one more Champions League trophy before retiring. Manchester United have been in a major crisis for 8 years, and they need a quick solution as before. There are many candidates in the spotlight, Mauricio Pochettino was also mentioned, but it seems that Ten Hag is still the closest to the Manchester United bench.

Manchester United also need several reinforcements in the midfield and defense if they want to compete for bigger goals. It won’t be easy, but hope the Manchester giant wakes up after 8 years of sleep. If Cristiano Ronaldo stays, and the right coach is found, ambitions could be achievable