PSG: What are the next moves of Al Khelaifi?

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PSG: What are the next moves of Al Khelaifi?

Dream trilling falls apart before it is properly put together ... At first, everything looked like a fairy tale. While Lionel Messi was still on the plane, on his way to Paris, the world media were buzzing as Paris Saint-Germain was putting together the best trilling in the history of football.

Few people thought that less than eight months later, what we have in the announcement today could happen - the complete collapse of one of the biggest sports projects since the world and the century. And those announcements of the last few days sound quite realistic.

Although the French L'Equipe bravely came out with the text that "both the wolf is full and the sheep are numbered", the match against the last-placed Bordeaux at Prince's Park last weekend was quite painful to watch.

First of all for the people from the club and the PSG fans. Half of the stadium cheered for the guests, while Lionel Messi and Neymar were seriously booed. The result, having everything in mind, remained in the background (Paris won 3: 0), just as the title that is in sight will remain second at best.

Regardless of the fact that many things will be historical for the Saints, and most of all because they will finally get the right to hang the first star above the coat of arms in the sign of 10 won titles of champions of France.

Also, PSG will be able to be proud of sharing the first position in the number of the most important national trophies with Marseille and Saint-Etienne. But all this touches the picky Parisian audience a little and weakly.

Because neither Mbappe nor Neymar nor Messi came to string together domestic trophies. PSG could very likely do that without them. Simply, the spectacle was missing. There was no glare. And finally - the result was missing. Behind Paris is another wasted year, the elimination from Real in the Champions League drove out the surface of so many flaws that it became clear to everyone that there are no repairs.

Just as there is no necessary chemistry among the three superstars. Epilogue: PSG is falling apart before it is valid and composed! Several European media have written about this topic, starting with the French, stating that the chances of trilling Messi - Neymar - Mbappe will remain in Paris even after the summer are zero.

Kylian Mbappe and PSG

First and foremost, Kylian Mbappe has practically agreed on the whole arrangement with Real Madrid, and the defeat of his still current team at the Santiago Bernabeu, well-informed people claim, killed the last hope of Al Khelaifi and Leonardo that they can make him change his mind.

The young striker reportedly "saw the key difference between PSG and Real", realized the greatness of the white royal uniform, and realized that he, as a contender for the crown and halo of the greatest player of the coming era, has a place in the biggest club in the world.

Mbappe, therefore, broke, and there is every chance that PSG did the same when it comes to Neymar. And the decision is as follows: the Brazilian should go in the summer! "His performance is getting weaker every year.

He has turned 30, he is in full force, he has a solid contract, but he is going through the darkest phase of his career," Footmercato writes. "In the summer of 2017, the Brazilian bravely packed his bags and left Barcelona to the surprise of many.

He was brought in with the goal of leading a new project at the time. Many read between the lines that he left the Nou Camp to get out of the Messi shadow will show that he has been below Leo's level all this time, and more recently Mbappe's.

He has ten games without scoring in the Champions League and has scored just five goals in the league this year."