Harry Kane is honest about his ambitions, form and Antonio Conte

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Harry Kane is honest about his ambitions, form and Antonio Conte

Currently, the eighth-placed Tottenham is not where they would like to be. With Antonio Conte, Spurs have made visible progress, which was best seen in the derbies against Manchester City and United. They celebrated at the Etihad, lost at Old Trafford, but in both derbies, in Manchester, they showed serious character and a desire to play.

However, their biggest problem is the lack of continuity. The Italian expert praised the team from the conference to the press conference, but there are constant stories about the space for progress. The first star of the Harry Kane team is also aware that Tottenham is not even close to the maximum and the limit.

"Obviously I still feel like we're in the process. We fought for trophies for two or three seasons, and then we fell in the last couple of years. Antonio is now building a culture that will get us back to where we want to be.

In the Premier League, there is a thin line between whether you will be among the top four, sixth, seventh or eighth. There are no weak teams or easy games, "Kane began his presentation for British Sky.

Harry Kane on Antonio Conte

Conte did not select the team to begin with, and in the winter transfer window, the first wishes: Luis Diaz and Adama Traore were not brought to him, but alternatives in the form of Dejan Kuluševski and Rodrigo Bentancourt.

"Of course, the coach works as hard as he can, as well as the players. It is not a quick process that happens overnight but requires time and understanding. He needs to talk to the management and the first man and see in which direction the club will move" Precisely due to the inability of the Spurs to win the trophy since 2008, Kane wanted to move to Manchester City last summer, but the first man of the club, Daniel Levy, blocked potentially the biggest transfer in the history of English football.

After that, there was no euphoria on Kane's face, nor any recognizable games in the first part of the season. Until December 5, 2021, he had only one goal on his account, and now he has 11. "I will be my first critic.

In the first few months in the Premier League, I was not at the level that has always adorned me. There was no time for panic or despair, but for hard work, and since Antonio came, we all communicate well and understand each other well. From the player's point of view, the most important thing is to progress by working with a certain coach."